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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Attention all psychics

Hi. Im inviting all psychics, adepts, guru's, masters, psychic investigators/researchers, others to create a site and to send in your ideas, predictions, anything that has something to do with the paranormal/powers of each one of us. Topic -your 12-21-12 predictions -warnings -any predictions, advices -link to your site if youll predict bout famous personalities think this is the time that we should act to inform the world. Comments? Questions? Just send me a comment in this site. Please spread this post. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello. Whats up my friends? Oh the filipinos in uk, are doing fine, they loved uk, the benefits the privilege equal treatment, thanks to the government of uk for treating pinoys nicely, love you guys. Raining again. Hate storm. Lying and watching history chanel. LAST WARNING SAMSUNG, NEO, APPLE, etc where's my mcair or netbook? Jujuju im begging you i need one. Again want a new n inexpensive phone? Try plum mobile also the greatest opthcal cheap glasses so buy one online now just click the ad on the left side. I tell you they are great and inexpensive best of all they ship worldwide. Those are the two companies who helped me a lot, plum mobile and firmoo optical guys you are the best and thank you. What about you apple neo and samsung? When am i going to say thank you for giving me a netbook or mcair? Iphone5 is highly appreciated hahaha. Take care my pets. Love you all. Donations are welcome.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hi. Do you believe in reincarnation? How about remote viewing? I do. In 1 remote viewing exercised, i saw myself in China, as a governor, king's favorite, lived in a big palace. Then one day, two of my workers approached me and they stubbed me and the other raped my lady in waiting. Present time in this lifetime i hate and distrust my brother who killed me and stole my money. Also my uncle who raped my lady in waiting. I dont trust and hate these persons, its like they are plotting against me, again. Is it true that the UN are talking about the distribution of wealth to the poor nations? STOP UN i need a laptop and an iphone5 but ip4 or ip4g will do pls send them in hahaha dont be shy. Gossip is it true that the annunakki's and the reptillians are now fighting each other? Hmm your guess is as good as mine. So got to go my pets. Asians enjoy your weekend. GOD bless. Jai guru dev

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awards, prestige

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Filipino people -smart gilas wins the basketball championship -a filipino kid won the international peace prize im so proud of you guys. Keep it up guys. Hooray hooray to the filipino people Senator Enrile i am supporting you. You are my idol.

Proud of you, pinoy kid

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Congratulations to maroon 5 their concert in the Philippines last night was a successful one, sold out tickets and they are friendly they loved the Philippines. And we loved maroon 5. Too bad cant afford the price.
And thats the lawful truth.
Where is Sade? Miss Sade nice voice ah smooth operator.
What happen to the Culture Club and Boy George? Thought they are going to make a concert?
Afraid of what im reading check it out

in our local news its quite scary, students are being possessed by an unknown entity.

One of our senator, Senator Trillanes are having a secret meeting with the chinese government, 16 times. - from Senator Enrile.

War in the Philippines? Scary.

Ill update you guys on this. Got to go take care.

Blessed trinity school of lp
Our Lady of Peace montessori i love you all.
James 06 of bts thanks. See you later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi. Hate cleb she asaid she wants my mp3. I said no, its apple mp3 and its expensive m0re than $120.

The story of my mp3

a friend told me that her mp3 is unusable i said can i have it? She gave the said mp3 by apple, it doesnt worked. So i laid it down and i forgot it. After a month i charge it and voila, its working. And i enjoyed it. And im happy using it. But the prob is, its headphone its buttons arent working the past forward, stop etc but its ok.

Boy oh boy

i truly miss using a computer. Just using my mom's nokia nc2 phone.
I miss my iphone 3gs i pawned it and used the money for casper's medication and veterinarian bills. At least even though my dog died, i tried to take good care of him by sending him to a vet.

Let there be peace worldwide also in the net. Hi to all netizens. Be responsible. Bye guys. See you later. Love you all.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I said, no comment

Hi. An act of 1 isnt an act of all.
My sunday is so unusual so quiet and peaceful well almost until cleb's friends and i have a chat, i just said im ignoring that bitch hahaha. Ive found 2 new fuckin candidates, both are chubby and rich and well educated versus that imbecile and repeater cleb.
Im quite worrid well how about world peace? Lets give peace a chance.
Well my visitors arent engage in this blog, some just starin and thats all. Nobody wants to comment. So got to go im sleepy. Ehem samsung and apple where's my tablet? Hahaha

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi yellow to all of you. My thoughts for today? Well i hated blessed trinity school hahaha found 2 posible candidate, err a replacement for cleb, my heart is vacant hahaha

other posible candidates

- samsung s3 tab
- iphone 5
- a toshiba latest netbook

i dont have a netbook or a c0mputer just using my m0m's cp.
Well going to blessed to meet the candidates i loved them both.
Think its going to rain. I hate it when it rains. A melancholic feeling is present when it rains. So lethargic.
So sorry to leave you but i must go. Take care my pets. Love you all and thank you.

I am true thats what im telling you

Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye and thank you mr neil armstrong. Hope that there is no shread of mystery on your demise.
Talking about the moon landing which many claimed as hoax.

The world population n0w reached m0re than 7 billion, everybody is having a hard time to find jobs, hope that m0re jobs be created.
Every year graduations are everywhere, how could the government of various countries could find/provide jobs for those newly graduates?

Ops im n0t pr0m0ting the maximum 500 million brouhaha thing hahaha, financially, wealth of the world lies in a few trillionaires, billionaires, hope those 'lucky' peoples create m0re business. Before if you are a high school graduate, you could land a job, as an office cleaner or all around thing but n0w, you must finish your college education to gain the same job.
World needs m0re jobs, and i believe we are over populated but the solution is n0t to kill but to provide. Get greed out of the system. Lucky people should help even if you are a christian or n0t.

Donations are accepted. Pls donate i need a c0mputer. Thank you.

Farewell mr neil armstrong

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cleb is stalking me yahooo im hot hahaha
went to the court yesterday, upon seing me cleb tried to approached me but i snobbed cleb, grrr i want cleb dead this world is too small for the 2 of us. I hated cleb i want him dead. How to do witchcraft? Will somebody help me? Hahaha

At last, a stalker yahoooo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whats this a new stargate in Peru? You dont knw what a stargate is? Use g0ogle search, its scary. Aliens visiting just go to

yes there are 2 typhoons that will visit us, pester us, destroy our crops, will leave a few homeless when it depart on m0nday. See how helpful typh0on is? Hahaha.
Got to go take care kids. Love you all.

Kamusta ka?
-it means how are you?

A stargate and 2 typhoons bless us

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Most read post

Hi. My post bout Senator Miriam Santiago's my number 1 most read post. Thanks.
Comments suggestions are welcome. Err any of you a witchcraft practioneer? How t o do that ill use it so that cleb will be faithful hahaha please teach me.
Having a hard time posting using a 2g cp. How i wish one of you will give me a netbook jajaja. Samsung i need one will you send me one? Samsung's one of the best especially when it comes to tablets.
So got to go take care. A friend told me that cleb got jealous because im hanging out with a friend hahaha that idiot, cleb s a jealous person.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What? Really?

Hi. Hmm everytime i visit i am getting nervous. Just see for yourself. Its fun but i tell you dont take it literally. site is quite thought provoking. Its almost reading a comixx strips hehehe but ... Oh well just visit the site.
Would like to thank those people who keep on sending their comments, i am reading them 1 by 1.
Hate this day. Cleb made it sure that clebs presence will be felt/n0ticed by me. Hate cleb, hate young prostitutes. Take care.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Melancholic me

Hi. Whats up? Ive found out that some of you, my readers arent engage in my blog, some of you just starin, scrolin down, trying to find something interesting hahaha. Am i boring you with my senseless articles? Sorry.
Cleb keep on hurting me, by saying negative things against me. Cleb make it sure that ill notice cleb's presence but i ignore it. Playing basketball at the nearby village instead of using our village bsketball court.
Cleb i hate prostitute, who sells their bodies to anybody who has the dough.
pokpok means prostitute now you were able to learn smething hahaha. Ok take care. Love you all and thanks to all of you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Destructively yours Helen

Hi. Helen is the code name of that typhoon a destructive one, i hate it, its like someone used haarp on us filipinos. Heralding the greatest entrance of someone to cause destructive on us?
There are thousands of calamities, homeless, thanks to our president doing the very best for us.
So cold in here. Thank GOD our place is flood proof.
May i request my pious friends/readers to please pray for us. Thank you and take care.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Go ahead make fun

Hi friends, wazzup? Great day ahead friday. But i hate saturdays n sundays hahaha. Painful mem0ries of the past. Drinking my fave capuccino and my fave cigar and my fave candy. Hate it but i cant sm0ke without a candy, feels like i wanna vomit .
Later i might go to pilar village to play basketball, im getting fat and i hate it. So take care guys, have a nice day to all.

Cleb is killing me softly...

Saw cleb today we snob each other. Then later this aftern0on, saw cleb, didnt sn0b me but i.
Thank GOD the sun appears in the sky but it didnt help me to washed away the pain in my heart.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


hi sorry one month if  no new pist. my dog died, casper. and i tell you he makes his presence in my room . ithe foul smell will wake me uo at exactly its thje smell is very terrible its like i wanna throw up, feels like vomiting.  i knew its him because when i buried him i was very cautuius bout the smell and i dig its not deeper. he died june s, we at around wwp

im using my plum mobile very dependable phone. i prefer this  uphone . got to go jhave a nice day and take care. i dont have a computer u sokld it. pawned my iphine when casper got sick. thanks to all iof you

Monday, June 4, 2012

review firmoo optical


hi. i ordered one firmoo (see advertisement on the left side of the screen, firmoo optical, click it and visit firmoo the cheapest, affordable place on the internet to buy your prescription or not glasses)

after giving the correct prescription, left and the side eye grades, the glass arrived ahead of schedule. twas my gift to my mom, she's complaining about her old glass, the glass arrived in perfect shape, same design and all the specifications that i told firmoo, when my mom wear it, twas perfectly the same as her old glass.

i would like to thank firmoo, i am endorsing firmoo. please visit firmoo. just click the ad on the left side of the screen. again, thank you very much and more power to FIRMOO OPTICAL.

the truth is,, ,

hi. the only reason why i was able to post last night, courtesy of my mom who gave me $1.10, thats one day unlimited internet.
just check my dog's body temperature its 38 degrees. everytime im feeding him milk he's having a diarrhea, ive change the milk brand twice, this is the most difficut times of my life, demand letters i can breath, its like i was in a state of shock, this is what an animal lover feels everytime this kind of problem arises,
i would like to request my readers to please pray for my dog. any donations will be highly appreciated, thank you. pls pray for my dog...casper.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

im sorru guys

hi. im sorry ok im not going to lie. right now i am upset, sad mixed emotions. why? last may,last week of may, my fave dog, casper got sick. i dont have any money back then, i am worrid, worried to death, he;s been sneezing almost endlessly. so we dont have any money back then but hello, i am not going to let my dog to die just like that.

i dont have any jewelries to pawn. i cant borrow any money, my friends are all broke, they are also suffering like me. i think this is the best option left, i pawned my iphone for about P2,000 or about $46.00. i called the doctor and he gave my dog some medicines

taganet tablets 8pcs
xanazole tablets 20 tabs
predmisole  (cant understand his writings)
glucolite powder 6 pcs
irtbigr tab 10pcs

all in all, ive spent P1,300 or $30.00 the remaining amount left, i gave to my mom to buy foods. my pets veterinarian told me, my dogs case is quite serious, because of his age 7 yrs old (1 yr pets life is equivalent to 7 years human life).

all tablets/medicines now gone. but my dog is still sick. he's not eating anymore so i have to forcefeed him. porridge but he doesnt like it so i tried to buy all the foods that he loves and like. red salted eggs, sisig (pork with vinegar? am i right) all the foods including chickens. i am at a lost, i cant send him back to his vet, i do not have the money, much worse, globe gave me a warning that i must pay P9,785 or $275 also suncellular warns me of  suit $190 my bank for about $165 i dont really know what to do i dont have the money i only have some P2000 or $46. i cant use this money because i must pay globe as soon as possible to avoid lawsuit. its killing me. seing my pet makes me cry i dont have a shoulder to cry on. i dont have friends because they are also busy trying to find a living, i hate where i am right now. hope i am in your shoe right now.

i said sorry to my pet, ive talked to him maybe he understands me, my only consolation is, ive tried ive sent him to the vet. now im forcing him to drink at least a milk. its killing me, this is the worst time of my life, seing my dog about to die, im having a hard time i cant fathom it. nobody wants to help because they are having the same financial problem im experiencing right now.

11:17 asian time N O W

i cant sleep. i am trying to sell this netbook that i am using, in order for me to pay some of my debts, am also selling my used tv, my gameboy advance, and everything. i dont even know how to smile, i love my dog and i cant do everything/anything to prolong his life but my mom and sister told me, if i am going to prolong his life, my dog's the only one to suffer, that i should let him GO.

so i know ive lost some of my readers and i am sorry. my heart is torn, broken. my soul is almost ruin. i want my dog to live, i want him, my son my bestfriend all rolled into one.

soon i could only post maybe once a month. i am sorry. and i would like to thank all of you for your time reading my posts, eventhough i dont have the proper command of the english language, thank you, thanks but i know this is only temporary. you dont know how and what i feel. i cant even afford to buy hamburger.

my aunt who died years ago told me. no matter how hard your problem is, dont pity yourself, when you pitid on yourself you self esteem will be affected stand up chin up and facethe problem. the bigger the problems the easier the solutions. i am not ready i dont want my dog to leave me..............

again, thank you and goodbye not permanently but temporarily. but ill be back soon.  so pls keep on checking from time to time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

appreciated? thanks.

wow whatta comment from Mr Steve of Samsung Deals, ok i loved samsung products thats why after my financial problems (debts) ill earn and save money i wanna buy samsung tab 7. i think it costs about $500 more or less. well Mr Steve if you want send me one samsung tab for free and ill advertise you on all of my sites, in myy net radio show, in my facebook/twitter account, how about that sir? hahahaha

the only reason why i was able to post is, im cleaning this netbook removing my files as you can see, i sold it, buyer will pick up my net this aftrenoon. but dont cry my dear readers, i still have my iphone i can post using my iphone.

if apple will remove the itune registration something, then it will be much easier. imagine you cant download anything until you must first register and how on earth you can register if you dont have a credit card? at least mastercard? well, i am a jcb user plssssssssss.

thats the reason why i prefers samsung, ease of downloading, but you can do the same using nokia, lg, and others. for me, the biggest hindrance is itune registration bla-bla. and i hate it, sure by downloading cydia application you can now download anything using your iphone, but id rather not, afraid something bad might happen on my phone.

but if you really love and needs to buy inexpensive phone try nice designs, friendly prices.

i saw coby tablet and its quite cheaper, $160 and up. i hate to sell my netbook, i worked hard for this. but i know it should and must go. thanks Mr Steve of samsung deals.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the last 30 minutes...................

hi. good morning asians
good afternoon, good evening rest of the world.

in 30 minutes time, my broadband topups will expire. i dont know when i will be able to write again, i would like to thank all of you for your continued patronage hahahaha so hot in here, thats why my dogs takes about 4 baths a week.

and, im going to sell my netbook, the one that i am using now im going to pay some of my debts/loans ill just use my iphone for posting. but that one too will sell it.

the only thing that i hate about iphone is, the itune store. you must/should have a credit card its mastercard, my card is jcb and i cant register i cant download the latest ios 5.1.1 updates. i hate iphone. why is that you still need a credit card? id prefers samsung. after this mess ill settle for samsung tablet, i love samssung note but its 5 inch screen while samsung tablet is 7 inch.

so bye for now. see you soon. take care. love you guys. make love not war.

my pets loves me

hi. 9;53pm
sunday, may 13, 2012

its cute. my pets kissing me, playing with me. im eating a chocolate cake and they want some, hahaha so i gave some, i remembered chocolate is bad to the dogs, but its ok i just ate the icing they ate the fluffy cake.

you know its hard for me to say no to my pets. everytime i spank them, i cried hehehehe its just that they are so stubborn, keep on barking. upon seing a dog passing by, they will bark almost endlessly.

guys do you believe in reincarnation? maybe i am cruel to the animals back then and i am paying it (my cruelty) right now? or, could they be my sons or daughters before? i remembered my dog, we went to her veterinarian, because she had this wound on her stomach (i cant remember what it is exactly) so the veterinarian treating my dog, and i was outside of the clinic crying, yeah its true, i hate it when my pet dies.

the most painful is, when my favorite dog, agha got sick, i brought him to the vet, so twas ok, they treated him, gave some injections, while on the bus, i felt my dog, his head on my shoulder, i didnt worry because i thought hes just sleeping, so reached my house, put him on my bed, i stared at him alas, hes not moving, hes dead. this is the most painful part of my life, i literally cried a river, i dont care if people saw me crying, i wept day and night. the hardest thing to accept is, at night no one will kiss me goodnight, no one will give me a good morning kiss, no one will bark at me. i thought, that i am going to die.

but i am having a hard time loving a person, when my relatives died one after the other, i didnt even bother to shread  tear. when my grandma (worst one hehehe) died, i went to the disco and have a good time. well i only loved two or three persons in my life (aside from my family) this one ive loved so much but too young, talking about loving a human being hahaha.

happy mothers day to all mothers out there. guys, want you to kiss your grandma, your mother, your aunt. have a nice monday asians. hi to all of my friends in india.

to all my chinese friends please help us. we want peace not war. that island is ours. why dont you just try to tell your leader that if they want to drill look for some gas, would it be nice to let the Philippines and China act as one? and divide the income into two? my chinese friends, nobody wants an enemy.

becoming alive

hi. im back, till tom 12 noon only. first great news, my dog, smokey is back. after 4 months he's back. he and casper and my cats completed me, im an animal lover i can maybe learn to leve all kinds of animals in the world (except the lizards in human disguise hahahahahaha peace twas a joke)

then earlier this morning, fatso, my favorite cat died. yesterday we were playing and i even hugged him, and i told him that i love him. thats why i used to tell my pets how much i loved them, unconditional loved. i used to pick up and hugged my pets and tell them how much i loved them, if i scolded them, ill them the reasons, i know they can understand. i think its time for you to do the same, tell your love ones how much you loved them. until they are still alive, until they can still hear you, they will appreciate your words.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers out there, thank you mom and to my grandma priscilla worlds greatest mom and grandma.

world's worst grandma goes to - my grandma who died years ago. she only loved my rich cousins and she hates us, poor ones, too bad i didnt even have a change to slapped her. hey its me, the real me. i will jot down everything what i want to say. now bet my grandma, worst grandma.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

late and im sorry

hi. hello to my russian readers, thank you russians,
indian friends are missing, where are you guys? i miss you.

sorry late posting, quite busy, i cant stand the heat its 36.5 degrees in here. thats why im very careful when playing basketball, i opted for just shootings, no real basketball game for me, im afraid of heat stroke.

is china bullying the philippines? philippine document shows 1730-40's while china's document stated 1770's. much earlier. and i hope everything will be settle in peace. spare us. i cant understand china  claiming two islands from the philippines, i believe everything will be ok


Monday, April 16, 2012

i dont have doubts,

in this internet thing, i was able to learn too many things, im now afraid of eating those chips, i prefers locally made foods and medicines, and even my laptop that im using ive the camera covered its like am i being paranoid? hehehhe. i had it covered because i felt like somebody's watching me. i dont care bout my iphone, i rarely use it except surf the net but the wifi's here are off, you need a password, and again, i hate it hehehe.

now that the holyweek is over, i would like to tell you that THE CREATOR, the SOn, The Virgin Mary are real. somebody trying to discredit to lull us away. this is my post to be last holyweek and now ive forgotten the facts that i am going to jot in here.

and im even afraid of drinking any colas. i basically think in my own opinion that hell or a part of it is in here, on this planet. an extension room? hahaha. who knows? the world is full of surprises. i do believe that there are still places in this planet yet to be discovered. new species to be found.


hmm im just wondering some of his post arent into fruitition yet. and he even gave a deadline. esp about that royals who will now (accdg to benjamin) will rule the empire on april 1, 2012. hohumm sick n tired. all is a brouhaha all is a part of this and a part of that and a bit part of another that,.

you need jobs? work at home?

go and visit my site. have a nice tuesday.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

to end this mess.......................

hi. im sorry, i dont have the time and the resources to post regularly nowadays.

i hate this mess thats ruining me hahaha i need $1700 to free my self hehehe any donations? ive recieved a notice of telling that i must pay my balances, 4 subpoenas totalling $1700 hohum is psychicramta going to the prison? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no, pls help oh my gosh.

thats my telecom providers subpoenas, thats why im selling everything again right now. ive this expensive guitars that i was about to sell only to find out twas ruinned. can be repaired but costly. $150 including the strings.

i hate it, hahaha getting scared. today is sunday i might be able to recieve 3 subpoenas tom. im lucky hahaha.


the only thing i hate about is, my internet provider, so slow. i just bought a three hour inet load today. i can only afford that. so see you later guys. watch out for my next topic this coming week, ciao, keep safe. I NEED DONATIONS PLS. SO I COULD AFFORD TO GO ONLINE $ 25 WILL DO, pls dont be shy hehehe.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

learn to forgive n play basketball allright got it

tired. very very tired. played basketball for three hours my knees are shaking hahaha it's fun.
lying in my bed it's almost nine pm and I'm really tired. did you like my post bout Ms MSantiago and Liz Taylor? ahh woman of substance.
there's this thing I would like to ask Anonymous a question. are you pro GOD?

we are legion
we do not forget
we do not forgive - anonymous

legion? we all know who or what legion is. anonymous claims they don't have a leader a
non spiritual non physical? you do not forgive? so you are....? it's just a question you xo not
forgive you do not forget? why? so the word
forgive isn't in your vocabulary? GOD wants all of us to love and forgive each other. that's all for now I'm soooo tired guys. I didn't even do my evenng brisk walking routine hehehe sign of aging? maybe wahahahahaha wanna earn my
million first......

take care
evil hides in many form thAt is unfathim to us all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a new me. re inventing myself.......again

re invent your self

we must try to re invent our self to get rid of
that old look, we must try to re invent to gain to find to do something new well at least again. sporting a single look over the years is quite boring isn't it?
if you are kind being kind is quite boring try to sport a rebel look hahaha with matching guns hahahha hey am not promoting it.
what am saying is it's boring living having the same routine daily hey you are not a computer or a robot
we must try to add something new, if you are old get a new hair cut change your clothes preperence, try coloring your hair, attend a new or join a club get a new hobby too bad fo me all I want is to be a cj journalist but I can't afford a videocam it will cost ke some five hundred dollars.

a new me

now I'm playing basketball again and doing some walking exercises daily, renewing friendships looking for a new set of friends I kept on collecting then later I must segregate the good ones to the not so good ones, my rule is simple find genuine friends that will love me. I am trying to plant a new set of flowers in my unseen garden.
we aren't getting any younger
we all will reac our own expiration date (hahahhahahhaha) sooner or later.

what I notice

am starin at my palm and I find this new sets of lines in my palm, it's not here before. I swear I don't know what it means, a new lines in my palm it's in my left palm they said left palm means past and the right palm means the future? so something in th past will make a comeback? and I am seing a star in my left palm, don't know what it means.

by the way go and visit and subscribed to this sites

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need a new mobile phone?

comments reactions criticisms are all welcome send them in

bits about Sen Miriam D.Santiago

courtesy of The Philippine Star
Sunday march 25, 2012
sunday lifestyle
by jojo silvestre

tidbits of info about Senator Miriam D. Santiago

fave author - Leo Tolstoy
role model - Marie Curie, Margaret Thatcher
fave music - Mozart
fave song - Strangers in Paradise
fave food - champagne and caviar
her must travel destination - anywhere in Italy
latest job - aside from being a senator, she is an incoming judge of the International Criminal Court and by accepting the job, she will resign from her post as senator.
finished a master's in Theology
she's a lawyer
a judge
a doctorate degree holder
I tell you she is a very tough lady, she is great well loved by the flipono people, in politics she only loss once, election for president, but that is another story. she is a very successful women. idolizes by millions feared by billions. woman has balls. she is serious too bad shell leave us soon to fulfill her latest adventure in her life. she is my idol the woman whose tongue is made up of sword hahahaha she's very straight forwarded she means what she says. the interview is very lengthy. she is a gem a diamond a gift to the Filipino people.

on your first death anniversary, Ms Taylor

hI. it's Ms Elizabeth Taylors first death anniversary. a woman who loves fine jewelries. she created perfumes and colognes like

passion 1987
passion for men 1989
white diamonds 1991
diamonds and emeralds 1993
gardenia 2003
and if I'm not mistaken her last perfume before she died last year

violet eyes 2011
her latest perfume

or her last gift to the world to her admirers and fans worldwide. she is the most beautiful actress of all time. thank you Ms Taylor surely we will miss you. go and buy her perfumes.
we will all see you soon, world's idol. the beauty the look the glamour that is yours and ours to cherish forever.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a visionary's message of great Importance

hi. I've a new link for you, especially for catholics. it's a very refreshing message of our Saviour to us all. praying Rosary is something great so I think I need to start praying the rosary for worldwide peace.
hi to my Indians friends how are you? not hearing anything from you. hope everything will be peaceful, no arguments can be settle if there is no calmness present. we must remain calm because there is peace if we will all be calm. I know it's hard but again, shouting raising voices solves nothing it only creates confusions and angered.
well having a hard time posting using my iPhone because the connections is very slow a one minute YouTube video I can finish watching that in 3 or 5 minutes. it seems the technology is not available in here hahaha. I hate it so slow.
I'll try to post a link later it's quite scary.
so almost weekend keep safe. pls pray for world
peace and that there will be a hungry less in the world.
keep safe. and thank you for reading my blogs thank you.

here's the link about n. Korea a must read. scary but I'dont know if it's true or not but judge it foy yourslf
do you need a new mobile?

how about plum mobile? go to

here's the link
the message of our Saviour

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm going to tell you a secret, it's between us, ok?

hi. I'm browsing the net I visited fulfords site, emperor Akihito of japan is a fake emperor? also the most shocking story is that all about those aborted babies I admit I cried because of anger. it's like those people doesn't believe in GOD , Jesus Christ, and Mama Mary anymore. the cruelest thing that a human can do. I'd rather kept my mouth shout just copy paste and read it.

fake emperor? go to

aborted babies

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the truth about identified flying object.......... well, almost...

my 102nd article

do you believe in the existance of ufos? i said identified flying object, thats what they are. i read somewhere that we, human beans, ow sorry i said human beings are they are our masters and we are their maid? we are their workers.
there are many videos about ifo worldwide, weve seen them on youtube etc, i mean hello are all of them fake? how i hope the government of the world will tell us that ifo's are real.
in this video you will hear a live phonecall conversation. i do believe that the guy on the phone is real, he is saying soomething that is real, his voice is quite serious, almost crying for e hes saying the truth hes very afraid. am wondering where is he now? that i cant find out. anyways savor the following video, ifo all over the world. enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

free eyeglases yes its absolutely free

              free glasses

ive seen this ad in my facebook. i was surprised, and i thought twas a joke until i saw a filipina's post thanking the site for giving her a free glasses its absolutely free.

before you try to click the link, i would like to request, if you are poor and you cannot afford to buy a glasses, then go and click, but if you can afford, pls stop. i hope you give the poor people a chance to own a free glasses, i know some people will click on it, eventhough they can afford to buy one.

to the site who gives free glasses

i would like to thank you fo giving out glasses. i am going to ask one for my mother, and illend you my mother's info. again thank you very much. more power.

the truth is, i dont know thats why...............

great ive a link and im just going to shut my mouth hahahaha let you decide. now 11:50 am in here, its very hottttttttt
and my sinus is pestering me, huhuhu i jotted down last night that my sinus isnt pestering me, now its back........... from vacation? hahahaha
anyways, im going to open a new site, if you are teen agers, studying, good manners and conduct, wanna meet a friend, send me your picture/s and some interesting facts about you, and ill put it in that site youll meet some pinoys and other foreigners.

so heres the link...

kiss the day goodbye

hello my friends. how are you? how about my friends in India? wazzup? this is my first post in two months using a computer. sometimes i hate to use my iphone while posting my post.

do they have a problem (people from the east) about the planet? unconfirm that it has something to do with gas/methane on air? inform me.

sometimes the weather is hot sometimes its cold perfect climate for me, thank GOD my sinusitis is not pestering me, and people in my village, a miracle, not burning leaves anymore.... well so far, it is a common practice even though it is ba to do that because of the clean air act, but sometimes people thinks that they are god, not following the ordinances, i do have a problem bout my neighbors doing that thing,

ive some new links that you may want to visit, for fun.

looking for a job? work at home program?
then pls visit

so, again comments, suggesstions, criticisms, violent reactions are welcome, send them in,
take care my friends, got to go, buh-bye and thanks again.



follow me plzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, March 15, 2012

death star refuelling At the sun?

hi wazzup? i thought tWas summer already? it's cold in here. the weather is changing.
is it true? did you hear that pope Benedict will retire will quit his post as pope? well Vatican, I am available hahaha just hire me as a pope. hmm am sitting drinking my favorite coffee smoking so quiet in here, you can hear no sounds excepts
the birds chirping, I love birds it's not chirping for me it's singing well I am feeding them maybe as a sign of hmm how about barter? saying thank you they are chirping that makes me calm and stayed grounded.
that best thing that money can't buy. I hope countries will stop using money, how about barter? hehehe or exchange goods for goods imagine will going to buy iPhone and well use or trade seeds for iPhone? isn't it cool?
ok here's todays link star refuelling at the sun?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

there's no justice everywhere? is it for real?

hi doing nothing just browsing then I came into this site these people are talking about the existence of aliens and they came into conclusion that the alien are real? but the weirdest thing is ...... these people you won't believe that these kind of people will talk and do believe that aliens now exist?
find out.
just by clicking the link above.


there are rumors that the pope will resign in April? why? I can't
the answer to that question, think we need to
wait, until he says so.
if he quits, what will happen
to the prophecy of St Malachite? (is the spelling correct?)
someday time will
come when there will ne no fear
that we can right everything and anything without getting scared
and be threaten with law


getting weird my psychic abilities are getting stronger even my intuition and I don't know why. sometime a thought will enter into my mind then that thought will come into fruitition within two days.
much weird - I am seing them again. men in white (deceased?) in the corner of my eye then will banished within seconds it is starting to freak me.


there are talks gossips out there in the net, did someone said Jesus doesn't exist? that Jesus was created by those aliens?
the answer
Jesus is real
I've seen him, he blessed me
Mama Mary is real when I was depressed she visited
and conforted me....

I am not willing to dvulhe bout that part
of my life
my experience with my saviour and the Mother.
comments suggesstions criticisms are all welcome send them in.
intensity 6.8 hits japan earlier this afternoon tWas strong hope everybody is ok

he truth believe it or not I do

hi I've been reading this link and it surprises me. I think necronomicon is or should I say originated from Iran? atleast the old Iran? I am asking a question I am not saying that they are. this link written by David icke you'll learn something but don't read it using your iPhone use your computer or laptop it's very lengthy it's all about annunakis mars reptillians classification of reptiles
much more also learn what is shape shifting what is the fourth dimension and why the annunakis or reptillians needs this
just click the link above link

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cyndi lauper oh my I'm dead

hi oh my gosh I can't believe it Cyndi alauper
live in Manila on March 17, too bad I can't watch it ya know financial problem. tickets are quite. expensive, after all she's Cyndi Lauper the only femAle who owns the record
top 4 songs in one album and all of it ranked high on top ten songs number one.
gosh hello cheapest ticket is $20 expensive ones cost $115 cool I can't afford it hello anyone who wants to give me a free Cyndi lauper concert
tickets on the Phils?
cmon don't be shy hahahha. I love Cyndi lauper I live her voice. she's got the talent the voice and quite beautiful and also Madonna. hey pilipinos out there don't forget
to watch Cyndi lauper live in the Phils a once in a lifetime event too bad can't watch it. hey you out there from Luther countries if you like you can watch her live in the Philippines. I love her poster wearing a short hair and like Madonna her hair is weird, she used a brush tWas combed hahaha.
so got to go folks see yah later.
and don't forget psychicramta loves you all. hi to my Indian friends
geez now playing money changes everything by Cyndi lauper live juhuhuhu I wanna watch her concert.
comments suggestions criticisms are accepted
flood them in pls.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

but my blood is pure isn't it? it's not my fault don't judge me pls

hhi wazzup? still the same reading it's my fav hobby. the weirdest thing is I'm using my iPhone browsing the net I wanna read something that is out of this world true story scary and bizaare
the link will tell you something it's weird it's a bloodlines spanding generations and generations. I was impressed. it's like somebody is creating something before it came info fruitition
it's like it was well planned. oh you won't understand what I am saying so if you wanna read and be entertain might as well go click the links
the reason why I put this link is for entertainment purposes oh hey I didn't create or wrote that articles hahaha so don't blame me.
I'm craving for a soda.
I want one now hahahha
ok got to go. and thanks to all of you for visiting my site reading something
hey my article about our Senator Miriam Santiago was one of the well read
well love articles. well I admired her she's
my idol. that's why I always voted for her. she is something she's great.
ok ok I know am I boring you? hahaha got to go so take care guys
- all about banks foreclosing selling churches



a l s o. w o r k. a t. h o m e

reading here and there


Friday, March 9, 2012

work at home apply now

hi busy lately reading too many articles. my gave is it's a refreshing one. it's like a comixx hahahha just go and click the link
I've read somewhere that there are many resignations happening these last few days hey I need a job vibe me one hahahhaha
do you need a job? work at home? well 2000 jobs are waiting for you just go to don't forget to register my friends. after registering search the jobs and apply. after applying just wait they will send you an email just follow that instructions.
also click and read this link

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tweet your way to a GalaxyTab7Plus with #SamsungMobileExchange. Just RT @PHSamsungMobile to get your points!

Tweet your way to a GalaxyTab7Plus with #SamsungMobileExchange. Just RT @PHSamsungMobile to get your points!

tweet now


theyve found the giants, and they are cannivals, flesh eaters whoaaaaa scared? hahahaha copy paste

found this site weird

also, most important

what the fuck, moon is a spaceship?

also, choose your weapon

regular soda or diet soda?

Tweet your way to a GalaxyTab7Plus with #SamsungMobileExchange. Just RT @PHSamsungMobile to get your points!

Monday, March 5, 2012

peaceful and congrats

hi I would like to congratulate the people of Russia and to the President aputin for his reelection.
march 7 the unveiling of ipad 3? hmm don't care I cnat afford it hahhahaa I loved their iPhones.
hmm the problems of the world and maybe NASA

- elenin 2012
- the thing asteroid (?) on feb 2013
- in the faraway (very) nearby 2036 or 2040?

ok begin choose one and create your own end of the scenario hahhahaha and don't forget to send me a copy I'll put it in here.

instead of scaring yourself
stop thinking about it if it comes so let it be remember we are the
creator of our destiny if you are bad and you don't change your way of living then blame no one but you that's your destiny and tWas created by nobody but you. well well but there is still time to change . in inviting you now.

I'm sad our of five kittens two left. ants ate my three kittens but I already put salt ants hates salt.

by the way France the latest country thank you fir dropping by and tell your friends about my site.

got to go guys I'm going to cook our dinner and it's pasta with lots of pork. by the way if you are going to eat pork, pork lovers out there I'm warning you do not eat the fats I know it taste great bur it can cause heart problems just like what had happen to my neighbors. suffered heart attack/heart problems. eat the meat and eat
less more on veggies and fruits
and some
fish and beef. remember health is wealth.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

this is the day

hi what's up? I hate the weather basically at this time it's cold in here. most of the times I'm using a sheet to cover my body but now I woke up sweating. most of the rime it's so bot in here.
a few nights ago I woke up because of a loud knock on my door it's two am in the morning I thought it's emergency or something I didn't open the door was waiting for a second knock
but only silence there is not even a single light in the kitchen and the weirdest part is when I woke up the light in my room is turn on I didn't sleep with the lghts on. then I remembered it could be my cousin who died a few weeks ago.
fulfords post is very entertaining www. and am just wondering why is that many people are mad at David wilcox? hmm I must keep my mouth shut hahhahaa I don't wanna be in trouble I'd to say something but I've decided not to I'd rather keep my m outh shout.
anyways comments suggesstions are welcomee.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

brotherhood in India

wow k
was amazed I read 40 million Indians acts as one they are protesting imagine forty million Indians what a number. it's a peoples revolution. my only wish is to settle their problems in a peaceful way. I am not going to say anything all
I can say is just to click the link

copy paste the link. read it.

also the latest bowt Benjamin fulford


comments suggesstions criticisms are welcome
remember this
our page. without you my dear readers I am

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


hello what's up guys? night time folks in Asia it's dinner time in my house at exactly 9 pm I'm in my room it's vey boring I've a tv but no cable. and DVD and a cpmputerbut still I think it's not enough it's boring I can't get out of my room coz where am I going to? my friends? who are all drunkards and also they have their own problems to solve. and their house so small.
I'm tired of going to the court watching basketball game for what? it will
only makes me tired. so I'm watching DVD again and again hahaha or sometimes my friends will lend me one.
here in our village so corny. people here thinks they are something that they are big when in fact we
all nothing. I've some new paranormal books to read but I don't fill
reading those books. most of the time I'll buy books then I'll just put them on my bookshelf and forgot them hehehhe. does it have something to do with me being a Sagittarius? always planning completed
nothing hahaha that's Sagittarius.
and my cousin died yesterdaybecause
of leukemia. he died
int the us. got
go. goodnight and sweet dreams.
leukemia in u

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

welcome newbies

hi guys oh my gosh can't believe it well well there are new visitors
in this site. countries who visited
my site yesterday and I would like to thank you hope you'll like my bloc and I would like to invite you to be a regular visitor of
my site, again thank you guys.
well well what's next? it's so hot in here in Asia I can't stand the heat.
even my pets. think I'll bring my
dog to the pet parlor to take a bath
and some
groomings and nail polish. hey I am now a grandfather hahahha yeah it's true. why? my daughter just gave birth. 3 kittens hahahaha and you think I have a daughter? that's my pet
my Dave feline cat just gave birth. did I scare you hahahhaha.
well time to go.
tale care. my other site is now ok and running pls visit

Monday, February 27, 2012

comments and its my problem

my blog - is now running........... again go and watch my blog.

yellow how are you? in 2009 or 2010 im doing nothing then i decided to get this email me wherein you guys will fill up a form with your name and email bla bla
then i forgot all about it. then i deleted my browsng history in google. fine. got it no problem. then i accidentally press the button and voila there are more than 800 email ads and names in that google form which i completely forgotten about hahahaha guys im sorry im not snobbing you.but back then i dont have a computer im just using netcafe, you go surf the net you pay and you go,

now i dont know what to do with that email addresses, how to use that form? keep on laughing my tummy is aching. i thought, that if someone will fill up then gogle will send it direct on my email address. ill find an application that will allow you to emaail me direct and pref with auto responder.


unconfirmed. is it true that swine flu is going pandemic again?oh GOD please dont. my favorite forum you go to this forum, a very entertaining one

but im having a hardtime using that site. sometimes they ban people or ip address. just try and youll be entertain. very amuzing one.

add me up

iampsychicramta on twitter on facebook

well guys its time to go. take care.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

this makes me crazy..........

doing nothing on my iphone, just playing around with google search then i saw this site, oh my god, i read it and i was shock, the articles do appears in some sites, so there must be something about this site. an answer to my question? featuring too many articles, debunking? i want you guys to go and read, go with an open mind.

dont believe in all the things that i posted here, make your observation, investigation do some researching. the reason why i put it, those posts. are for entertainment purposes only and im not confirming the existance of that said posted. i do believe in those posted, some or all of it, do some investigations research. you can do that by using google search.

then at the bottom i found this article about shafe shifting eye something, so go to that site or click the link and click the first two or three videos.

then email me your opinions, and ill post it in here. religion, that bothers me a lot. so te religion is...... created by............ because.............,

heres the link.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=5758ea0f5b084682&biw=1009&bih=439

Friday, February 24, 2012

hi. want you to read that link, its quie extra ordinary. hey here we go again hahahha. stop. the second link makes my head ache.
so the secrets of the universe of the world of the earth is now available for us to devour? if you are going to click the link, dont just believe in it, make some investigations. i am including this links but i am not saying  that i am a believer. lets just say the link is quite funny, and i wanna laugh. go click the link, investigate, share and have some fun.
its so hot nowadays. few years ago, same time, its cold, very very cld but now its hot. i cant stand this kind of weather anymore.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

bored doing nothing

hi guys lying in bed it's almost ten in the evening, am using my iPhone right now. too early for me to sleep.
thinking nothing except that Benjamin fulford thing, did you visit his site? it's read his posts, you'll learn something new and weird.
it's hot in here these past few days until Sunday.
by the way you can buy a space/make/create an ad in my sites, for business or personal and I will include your ad in my radionet show. also if you'll say ilove you to your girl or boy to be romantic make an af and I'll put your dedications in my show for a nominal fee. also try giving him/her my scent my perfume go to

and buy one. so any comments criticisms reactions are welcome.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

oh so for you it's a lovely day?

hi guys. quite busy trying to find a job but I can't find one, because of my age here in the Philippines if you reach the age of 30 it will be hard for you to find a job especially if you didn't finish your college education.
in America you can find work even if you are 55 years old just tell them what you. an and cannot do, so it's office procedures.
if no one is backing you up. no experience. college undergraduate. of you don't know nothing about. omputers, programming or any programs, chances are not in your side.
my sister a cleve graduate, she finished psychology I tell you big companies are tryingto recruit her back then, they are offering her a $1,200 a month salary but my sister said no because she's taking nursing at that time. she finished nursing and psychology. two courses. oming from good reputable schools.
one of the malls here. is eyeing her, to go to china to work as a top officials in their malls in china but my mother said no. again they wanted my sister to work in one of their provincial branches it's too far from us so she turned it down.
today she's earning almost $800 a month. her co workers in duty free phils are now earning some $1744 a month. she's still young ba k then after five years in duty without promotion ( well one of the managers wanted to promote my sister nut my sisters manager said no, she was envy of the opportunity and she doesn't want my sister to ne promoted she's eyeing one)
so education is very important all of you my advice is to finish your education find decent work or if you can after your first course, go and take a second course in that way you will find work or work wl
knock at your door. my sister doesn't have a hard tome applying even though she's almost 38 years old because of her education background.
everybody needs to work and if you find one love it respect it and you will be rewarded.


ash Wednesday yesterday went to the church oh yes they put that mark ( mark of the beast ( in Vatican? hahahahaha) they put ash on my forehead in some parts of the world it's still ash Wednesday today so Catholics do your duty. have a nica day gosh it's Thursday why is that days are so fast these days?
I've an article but I can't post it in here till I need more info's so go

you will be able to learn something "new"

Monday, February 20, 2012

eleventh, is it evil? in numerology..................

time;s so fast, its feb 20, well well im having fun, using my plum mobile. its fast and its a great phone, you should try this my friends,
i think i would like to sing evita for whitney houston hahaha. if i am going to die i want evita;s songs to be play on my wake.
where are we going to go after we die? hmm wait thats not my topic for today.

is it true that whitney houson's death is full of mystery? ive read the ink and it scares me, i read from that they dont want your soul, all they want is to put something in your song and thats it, theyll pay you, glorify you, and they dont care about your religion after all.well well im not into that its just that this link is quite something, i do believe that 'if you arent pestering them, then they wont pester you' its like get out of my way thing.

again i would like to thank all of you, my visitors, hey you liked my post about our senator Miriam D, Santiago? she's great she is something, i idolize and respected her that much. she loves us, filipino people, she's with us. shes bright very intelligent one. she's working creating laws for us filipinos. anyways heres the link about whitney houston. copy paste or click...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

coward. yes thats what you are. deny it? well.......................

hi guys, for a limited time only im back.
the best book in the world is the Bible or Holy Bible, as they say it will teach us how to leave a prosperous and positive life. i dont have any problems aabout that. how about you?
ther are mysteries everywhere. unsolved mysteries, waiting for someone to decode that mystery.

the world is divided into two, positive and the negative. white and black, but there are some people who created a new addition to it, gray. color we have white, black ang gray.

white - purity, clean, from GOD within positivity
black - of negative, from that ancient serpent, satan. all kind of negativity
gray - gray is (for me) man made, strikes back, revenge. its like you will not hurt someone if that someone doesnt hurt or harm you.

what i am talking about is, the Holy Bible exist no problem about that. but didnt you know, satan has his own devil's book? find out. copy paste. dare if you canst...........

presenting satan's book/devil's bible

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ok i admitm only and only if...............

hi guys, wazzup? im having a hard time using iphone, the problem is my net provider, so slow so im having ahard time posting using my iphone,
so im using plummobile velocity, its great its fast its android, dual sim, dual cam, tv, radio and etc, that phone is great, its fully pack,  full of features, easy to use, what can you ask for? using this mobile is a breeze, so easy so guys if you need a phone go to
and ive a news for you, rothschild losed a case copy paste and read

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ok fine I'm sorry I lost

hi hello guys and gals. what's up? I've learned that this country wants to block some blogsites. for reason that I don't know. hope my blog is not included. what's your problem? if people loves going to that blogsites, what I'd it up to you? trying to be a gustgian of morality? what? don't give me that bullshit idea. anyways let's wait and see. it bothers me a lot.
people loved me in that country. even aliens lovese hahaha.
quite busy thinking of new business and since I love to cook how about a mini
now I need capitals $400 is enough I have a place so I need to buy some cookwares and dome groceries.hope that click.

Monday, February 13, 2012

so what? i didnt do it after all. twas you..........

hi. i just wanna greet everybody, a happy valentines day.
i dont have a partner.................................yet
i do
now accepts applications, pls include a $100 fees jajajaja joke. okey go on have fun. see ya later aligators.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

hi. sad condolence to the world, Whitney houston died yesterday.
surely we will miss her, her songs, (451 awards that's something she's great)I read it yesterday in yahoo and I was shocked she's young 48 years old
the diva left us, the queen went to her final resting place what a loss to the music industry. goodbye and thank you, Whitney Houston the diva the queen it's time for you to sing sing a song facing our Creator, and thank you, you are an inspiration to us all.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

lovely day

hello am on a wifi zone jajaja so it's free am using my iPhone. and it's xo cool problem is I can't upload a photo wanna share my dog's latest picture. so got in here. hey did you hear that Danube is freezing? it is. and it's in Europe. global warming is starting?

I've found today that ny plum mobile. it has photo flas
features that is only available on smartphones. it's android 2.2 so I can't download some sites
like bliptv. that phone is cool. the sound is great yes I'm telling you it has many features at a lower price. please visit

their feature product now is Profile model I think it's 3g. well
I. hope I could download Icecream sandwhich on my plum.

follow mw on Twitter


also on favebook


take care got to go.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hi guys I'm sorry I'm quite busy these days so late posting and I'm having a financial problem I can't afford to buy Internet loads which costs almost fifty us dollars a month. I'm using my latest phone iPhone. given to me by Andrew my cousins husband. my neighbors wifi are all turned off so I can't connect hahaha that really freaks me. how are you guys? I think I've some problem on my site this site? well google sent me
one but I'm not opening it yet i don't wanna read it using this phone

plum mobile verdict

well well finally my cp a gift from it's fast I'm using it but the screen is quite small or maybe my fingers are too big. sounds? mp3/4 it's great it's stereo. if your going to buy it ask the customer service agent to turn off it's Spanish and change it to English.
I've a good time using plum the tv? well it works well.also the radio
it's cool it's not because plum gave me a phone that's why I'm endorsing it promoting it it isn't the case. but it's a good phone very useful one specially for the ladies teenagers the. ideocam and cam's very good nice photos. so I'm officially endorsing promoting plum. I'd it is available in your country buy one and don't forget to buy memory card . it's a decent phone worth evry cents. or you could order one just go to their site

see you later my friends and sorry but I won't abandoned you my friends hahaha got to go take care

Monday, January 23, 2012


HAHAHA nice headline. hi guys, how are you? plum-mobile what happened? whers my unit? are you going to ship to thru dhl? i am running out of internet connection pre paid load so see you later, maybe on february, im having a malignant wallet cancer, it means my wallet is running out of funds hahaha,

if you wanna add me, my facebook account is r.tapawan, add me up. and my twitter account is @iampsychicramta add me up, on both.

hows your chinese new year? water dragon, take care when it comes to travelling on the sea, expect more earthquakes, tsunamis and other land and water calamities, not auspicious is noth east. i do believe on them.

look at this.......... proven alien activity?

also, some symbols scary symbols
so see you around. take care.

Friday, January 20, 2012

friendly forces are ........................

well its a page from the famous david wilcox, its all about how missiles wont fire, something. friendly et's protecting the planet earth from the negative ones. so i say, those wars? wont push through, galactic forces wont alow it. so copy paste, click the link and enjoy. its from david wilcox.

same time/date few years ago even last year, at this time of the year, its cold. but now its getting hotter, think were going to experience summer much earlier. its hot.

the arrival of PETRUS ROMANUS

in order for St. Malachite's prediction to come into frutition, Pope Benedict must die? the prediction will be useless, then if the pope, the current pope is still alive by the end of the year? if that is so, then St Malachite's is wrong.
Petrus Romanus wont come if the current pope is still alive and still the head of the Catholic Church, and what about the Bible predictions of the coming of the anti-christ?
this prophecy is quite serious, its like putting a time frame on the current pope, so the current pope has an expiration date? hahaha, i do not want it to happen its just that i am questioning something about the prediction of St. Malachite.
copy paste or click the two links below.

watch the video

watch more info about the said video

Thursday, January 19, 2012

bits of important news that ive read today. INDIA WATCH OUT

- oh my gosh, what is this? copy paste. my mouth is sealed.

- this is worst news ive read, 12 years old................................. said that. why? find out.

-cancers in u.s. growing steadily?

-my friends in India. pls take good care of yourself and your family because ........................... this link ) email newsletter (pls subscribe to their email newsletter) said, a


'Totally drug-resistant' tuberculosis now sweeping India, 25% fatality rate so far
(NaturalNews) A highly-contagious lung disease that has become increasingly difficult to treat, tuberculosis (TB) appears to be making a deadly comeback in India. As was predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO) back in 2009, drug-resistant strains...  ------- excerpts from

pls take care.pls Pray.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THE TRUTH ABOUT aliens..........// center of the earth lives an entities

hi guys, hehehe i am not shouting pls.
ok, i thought, everybody thought that aliens doesnt existed. even almost all countries said aliens doesnt exist, if they are, only in our dreams, in motion pictures, magazines, fiction bla bla bla.
ok i understand, they just dont want us to panic, i know there will be a catastropic event if they will admit that aliens exists hahahah.
but what about this video? just watch pls the video, and TELL ME if you, now, upon watching the video, do beieve in the existance of aliens... copy paste or click just choose your weapon hahaha. as usual, comments, criticsms are ok i want them in.

welcome to the world of the firefighters



i do believe in this, ive read it long ago, read all about it a few weeks ago but it is something hard to fathom. we are not alone in the universe, and we are not te sole entities on this planet. one of these entities..................................................

copy paste or click pls to understand it fully, read it from begginning to end.

a land where people live 400-800 years old, where a piece of grape is the size of a pear, friendly beings dwelt inside of the earth.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hello, im promoting plum-mobile, ive seen their phones
andi was impressed, the design is ok, i like it, if you need a phone, try plum mobile
go to
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SUSAN OR SUSIE wong is a very famous asian singer, too many albums in her credit, world reknown singer.
the reason why i wrote this, because in one of her album, closer to you, my father happens to be the saxophone player in that album. father worked with Susie Wong, what an honor.
so this coming valentines day, if your parents are still alive, the album, closer to you would be a nice valentines day gift to your parents.
if your boyfriend or girlfriend loves that kind of music, well its a good gift.
please dont forget to buy the album, CLOSER TO YOU by Miss Susan Wong.
here's the link

Monday, January 16, 2012

what is - ham, dirt,sweet potato, perspiration, berry? what is this?

 oh my its all nothing but a NEW soda flavor in America, i was watching history channel, its about soda's why is that there are too many kind of soda's in the united states? 64 oz of icee? oh my thats too much, ive seen too many flavors, keep on laughing even perspiration flavor soda, and ham flavored cola? iwwwwwwwwwww pass it on, but i loved the blueberry and strawberry flavored ones. i remember, pepsi introduced a new soda flavored, twist and i dont know what happen i cant find it anymore, it taste good, try in the net, you could fine strange soda or something.

i till cant believe, i won a cp, a high tech one, courtesy of plum mobile. so you my friends, i am promoting plum mobile, there are too many plum mobile devices choose one that suits your needs,
and try

-it should be the soda company that i am writing all about. too bad they are not available in the Philippines. and one more thing, i hope ill win in the great sonyericsson raffle, and in the lotto. ok its time for me to drink my favorite coffee, its brown and creamy kopiko, if it is available in your country, give it a try, you wont be disappointed, its my favorite, sweet and brown coffee. also nescafe 3 in 1, also brown and creamy.

my aunt coming from America, gave us this carnation liquid for your coffee, and oh my gosh, it tastes great. i dont know if it is available in asia.

ok. see yah later. oh and i would like to welcome my new readers coming from


thank you very much, hope you are enjoying, again if you have any comments, criticsm, suggesstions, just send them in. thanks to all of you. blogginworld im still number one for almost two months in a row, thank you to those who voted for me and to those who will vote for me thank you. i love you all. thank you. take care.

jan 17, 2012 GOD's gift, and its for me

hi guys, good morning asians, good afternoon, good evening, good morning rest of the world, ,
Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? guys i won, i joined this contest and i won a mobile phone, hey its an android phone, the specs are quite impressive, froyo gadget android powered by froyo, so it means it has hotspot functuality, anddddddddddddddddddddddd it has two cameras means it supports video call, i was asking for this kind of phone long ago, i could use this mobile to broadcast my radioshow wherever, i could broadcast/host my upcoming biptv by using this phone, im a net journalist hahaha.
was so happy, i am not expecting this, i just hope i could plug a microphone in here and do some interviews, definitely i could use this cp on my blogtv, i was still in a state of shocked i wasnt really expecting that i will win. gosh was so blessed. i could do a thousand thing in this mobile phone. wanna see the specs? sure i want you to take a look at it, nope its not iphone4. itsnt nokia (they still dont have any android on their mobiles). heres the link copy paste.


SITE     -
                  phone mobile - Velocity.

am i going crazy? is this for real? ah ok, maybe your next

well well, nice catchy title isnt it? hahhahaha how are you guys? been reading too much lately, now its all about the war that was mention in the Bible. gog-magog war or third world war. we already knew the truth about the first and the second world war, i tthink i believe tht the third world war has just ended. (see
the next world war 3 is fake? this is not the real world war that is mention in the Bible? and that is the fake edition of gog-magog war created by humans to depopulate the earth? copy paste the link or click.

the next one is all about chemtrails and haarp. here, youll find how people create earthquake and others by using this technology. thus, PRESENTING


ENJOY, AND KEEP ON READING. sorry im not shouting hahaha. comments, suggesstions, criticisms, send them in, HELLO TO MY INDIAN FRIENDS in Pane, India hello to all of you. wanna be my guest blogger? stories are welcome, send them in.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

unexplain mysteries ........................

as a psychic, and a paranormal researcher i love scary places, hunted houses, horror movies and the like. anything thats creepy, i love it.
i also have some stories, really creepy ones, but that will come out later. i only watch horror true story films like the exorcism of emily rose etc etc.
but this link is quite scary, its not really scary but, theres a shroud of mystery on it. topics are
hitlers werewolf bunkers
surgically mutilated cow
christmas trees make people sick?
apples from the sky?
and many more. click the link my friends. i love being scared, you know the feelings of being scared? i love it hahahah. have a happy monday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

brave pinays stop vaccination

yes, its right, catholic womens league of the philippines, they do that but twas too late, millions were vaccinated before the court approved the said vaccination to put on halt.
upon examining the vaccination, theyve found out that............................... read. copy paste or click

also in the said post/link, india and more. its great. watch out for vaccines. hope rich asians do try to develop vaccines using herbals, i appealled to all rich asians, let us create our own drugs free from harm.

the world of unexplain

 <a href="rel="author">ramonltapawan</a> 

hello. hows life? ive found some documents about this ..... kidnapping ......but i dont wanna discuss or put it in here. i dont care bout them hahaha the truth is cant find the link, ive fogotten it.

my nettv's waiting, cant start because im using corby 2, which only allows me to record a 5 min video, and i dont know how to paste 5 or 6 five minute video show, 30 mins show is minimum. i hate it, am not a computer literate.

my indian friends, dont forget tomorrows dance party see the advertisement on the left. if you have any inquiries,  contact them pls.

see the title above? its not a title its googles authorship something, am just tryin it out.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

human sacrifce .............. oh la la

oh gosh cant think of any kind words but i was flabbergasted n you will see why, watch the video copy paste or click.
it is still happening today, as if its nothing but a natural thing, its like a tradition. marry me meet merry me part,
i just cant understand the world we live in, totally disobeying GOD, as if HE doesnt exist. people creating virus, now ritual sacrifice, look all around you, watch the news.
few years ago, same date, its cold in the Philippines, but now i can feel the heat. and its everywhere.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

dna watch out. we can be controlled by using our dna? no. but..........yes?

this ideo shocks me to no end. all you have to do is go to you tube or copy paste or click, its all about our dna, the explanation is quite bizaare, ok its so scary for me.
and i do believe that we can be tracked or controlled, i am not saying that i am right ok? its just my guessed. just watch the video from start to finish and youll see what i mean, but i tell it scared me to no end,

virus here, virus there, virus everywhere.................

and remember GOD is watching us, not from afar from a distance. "killing us softly with those viruses?"

i was shocked, petrified, why those people keep on creating deadly viruses? for study? of what? of how deadly the virus is (are?)? that seems i cant fathom, never will be, creating a virus for what? why dont these kind of people invent some wonderful miracle drugs instead? i am worried that the influenza virus which kills 100 million in the early 1900"s might repeat its history using another virus? ok your great now youve created one, what are you going to do with that virus? that is another problem, your going to put it in a well protected lab, scary what if someone will steal the virus? what if accidents happen? are we ready for another pandemic?
instead of helping huimanity by creating wonderful drugs that will cure people with side effects, some body"s creating a deadly virus. create wonder drugs that will cure we need that. the world doesnt need that kind of viruses.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a visitation from the past, present in the future

i have a story to tell, this happens in the spanish time in manila.

to make the long story short, here it goes

there was no airplane back then, this filipino suddenly appears in madrid spain. and when the police saw him, they were intrigued by his clothes, so they brought him to the police station and question him, the man said, he doesnt know where he is, all he knows is, he caame from the Philippines and doing his duties, and he suddenly found himself in that foreign land of madrid.
so, when the friars or priest learned about the said incident, they said the filipino was a sorcerer, or a withccraft practioneer or an emissary of the devil, so he was scheduled to be hung. fortunately, someone he knew very well in manila saw him,  and that someone is something in spain, an authority so the friars said th filipino was a victim of the devil and the filipino was forgiven, and the spanish authorities allowed him to go bck to the Philippines.

ive heard some stories that one department store here in the Philippines acted as a portal, meaning you are going to buy a clothes you will try it, you go to the fitting room and after fitting you will find yourself in another time frame. its weird.

it is so scary in manila, today. the authorities, headed by our Philippine President Aquino confirms a terrorist alert in manila. and the price of oil will increase tonight because of the tension in the middle east.

now another story from the U.S. copy paste or click

Monday, January 9, 2012

look at this, copy paste or click

wow, i cant believe it, and i thought america's  so advance when it comes to technology? hahaha but its great, at least they (the manufacturer) admitted that that is a man made and was made here in their country. for me its hitech, just click please


project iran
(i baptized it as project iran)


wow, a new sony phone xperia. ericsson is no longer a part of sony? sony xperia s its hottttttttttt

take a glimpse,


watch project iran's video

Sunday, January 8, 2012

so greenland and antarctices melting faster than as expected? this is scary, what about those polar bears and seals? they surely will die.
if you will click the link located below, you will see a map, showing the dangers.


go to

they are giving a free booklet, survival one. but its differnt from the rest. all you have to do is fill it up, and send it, check your email after a few minutes, then click the confirmation code and your free ebook will arrive within two to three weeks, i tell you guys, the book is great.

Feast of the Black Nazarene

feast of the Black Nazarene watch it live in the philippines. mass is currently going on. click the link.

what? really shocks me................

ah, wait pls, ill be back, think i need to hide my pets, you know, they might be RAPE wahahahahahha

honestly, i dont now what to say, but i think its something, its the lowest form of degrading, at its fullest, i think people who will commit or will think of doing this is, might be  suffering from mental problem, copy paste please, and please pray that this bill should be banned. they should use fucking doll instead, sorry for using improper words,

scarriest accident

this is scary, i cant even imagine that this will come true, the fuitition of an accident that was created by mother earth, i know more still to come. lets us just pray that this will stop, i cant fathom this.

eating bread with cheese and mayonnaise so delicious, then dip it in yur coffee oh gosh taste good, hahaha thats my 4pm snacks.

Friday, January 6, 2012

hello my indian friends

Event By Twist Dance Academy by Saurabh Dhingra
on 15th Jan 2012(Sunday)
M-502, Guruharkishan Nagar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-87
Shemrock Junior School
not doing anything on Jan 15? not busy? love to dance? what are you waiting for? join the hottest dance school/academy in India today. join now. more info? see the advertisement on the left side.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

a parallel universe.. wake up the world is now different, has change

what would you do if one day, you wake up and you found out that some pieces, furniture in your room that usually exist, and now, its gone? if you worked in the same building, same office then one day, when you report to worked found out that you no longer worked in the same department? that your place of work is a few building away?
this link really puzzles me a lot. quantum physics offers explanations that somewhat doesnt exist or hard to understand. you live in building a, then when you wake up things have change.
just go to this copy paste and click.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a holocaust

allow me this is my point of view, it doesnt mean that i am against you. but..........

why is that they are killing millions of birds? what for? that i cant fathom. killing those tiny, defenseless, lil creature, hell, we are the caretakers of this world, and yet we are also the ones, destroying this planet, look, animals are acting like animals, worst, humans are acting like animals.

i am an animal lover, i cant hurt or harm animals. the only way i killed cockroaches is, if it flies, ive some baby mice in my room and i let them, i even gave them foods nightly. this been happening even before. pls copy paste or click, mass killing of birds. they said, for the protection of farmers? is it the only solution? killing those lil birds? they said it carries a disease. fine, during the times of our grandfathers, they dont have that kind of problems, its only now that those problems resurfaced. whos injecting or feeding those birds with those chemicals? birds themselves? no its human. into a depopulation? hope this must end. human are the only animals that im having a hardtime to love and respect and i cant understand some them. spread this pls. this must stop.

cyclone thane

i am sad, because of what had happen to India, because of cyclone thane, 42 peope died, damage hundreds of homes, they experience heavy rain and winds brought by that cyclone thane. thane hit the southeast India.
my friends in India, i will offer a prayer specially for you, now lets face the reality, if you are affected, stand up and be strong, this is all nothing but trials. i understand your predicaments, ive been there too, same problem.
a couple of years ago, my relatives, they died one by one. in less than 4 months, i lost some 12 relatives, its painpul its like im losing a relative on a 1 relative every week. cheer up. my sincere condolences for you, my friends.

Monday, January 2, 2012

it is the best of the best, freaks me to no end

hi. ive been studying the unknown for the past 10 years, ive seen some bizaare, friendly, entities. ive seen dwarfs, ghostly images from the corner of my eyes. one of the most bizaare, scariest thing is theres this woman voice communicating with me. i had her name but i forgot it, its like shes a friendly one, shes a latina or of mexican/filipina blood. i decided to get her out of my system i ignored her and she fled.
if you are going to visit a place for the first time, if you feel like vomiting, sudden unexplain severe headache, foul smell, chances are there are negative entities in that place. ask for water, put some salt in it and it will leave you.
this is the most dreade, scariest videos i have seen, i can see the shock, in their face. pls copy paste or click. warning, this is scary

Sunday, January 1, 2012

big bear, frown,

hi guys, last night, as i was starin at the stars, i saw a bear, frowning, and so, this is my prediction part 1,

africa - johannesburg, be careful i am seing a huge smoke, its like its eating almost half of the city. fire in the city

australia - nothing out of the ordinary, peaceful but i am seing a wave of water, this will be your problem. expect this before the third quarter, though a slight one will be felt anytime after feb 15, tsunamis, the like.

so take good care. keep sake. more predictions next. i cant find my notes, id put my predictions on that note and i cant find it.

-more and more people will continue to harness their gifts, they will start to use their psychic talents, though its bascally a dragon year, yet its a mild one. but quit to anger. its tame but dangerous if its angry, it destroys without thinking, friendly but dangerous.

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