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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Help me if you can I'm feeling down

Hi. What's up? How are you? I'm sure u miss me? Hahahaha Dont tell a lie, follow me in Twitter @iampsychicramta. Please help me win There's this contest giving away $10,000++worth of mods and plus a daily mod kit giveaway. Please sign click the link below. If you are a vaper pls join for a chance to win a mod, or two mods or three or more. Please share and sign now. Please heeeelp me win. See yeah later.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hot hot hot. Experiencing summer. Hate summer usually my sinusitis pestering me during hot dry season. Just like now hahaha yucky. Just hurt, there are some people who keeps on hurting those animals like in Korea, the dog meat market. Those puppies those dogs I pitied them. Thanks there's this organization helping and stopping animal meat factory. Why are people keep on hurting killing those animals? Why businesses keeps on selling leather products? Do they need to kill just to create a leather goods? People knew that those companies needs to kill an animal just to create leather product. If that's the case I wanna see leather goods created from human skin. Be fair. Killing those elephants coz of their ivory or something. Hey shut up. Those leathers are actually ugly. I can accept leather goods made up of pig or cow skin coz we are eating those animals. But killing an animal just for it's leather it's stupid. Pitied those alligators. Pitied them. Wanna see a clothe made up of human skin. Stop hurting killing those animals.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ships have sailed

Hi there. So hot , getting hot in here. On the left side my web TV I'm now featuring the latest for the band The Ships Have Sailed, their latest I love this song hope you'll love it too. I remember this Chinese store cheated me, Angelcigs by not sending me my prize, a mod kit. And not replying on my emails. Pls don't buy from them. Still creating contents , still following up on those people that I want to interview I tell you, it's hot it's really hot. There could be shouting hahahah. I wanna interview some famous people, aliens will do ahahaha. Oh my. I've a very tiring life nowadays. Can't go out. Hope my readers like you, please need your support. Support me. Thanks.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Alex Arbor

He's Alex Arbor , please play the video on the right side if you are reading this. Hehehehe Please follow him on his Twitter account and on you tube. Right now he's having a talk with some producers to produce his songs. So hopefully soon you'll or you can buy his album or records very soon. Like his voice, the music not the usual it's like fresh new one that just came out of the box. He could be the new Tommy Paige , just listen to his songs the music I mean lyrics. Also if you have any comments suggestions I wasn't them all send it to me of course, where else hahahaha lol.. I need sponsor I need a videocam handycam old used as long as it's working it's fine @Sony hello @Samsung #Sony #Samsung or other manufacturers please hear my request.. Send those comments to Thanks...

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Hello. What's up? I'm preparing for my web TV. It's hard hahahah looking for sponsorship, well yeah I need a videocam how I guess I can write go to any videocam manufacturer's and say, "hey sir, please sponsor me I need a videocam with tripod and two mic" hope it's easy to do that. My friend, Google searches helping me, finding topics, everything topic related I go to Google. And it never failed me. I need content it's a show and I will interview and roast people. Hahaha watch out I'm planning to have a priest as my first guest to roast hehehehe, I'll ask about those conspiracy theories about the church. Too bad I can't interview the Pope. Will also feature this animal cruelty act in Korea. Where a dog is a meat for them. Very cruel. Will breed the dog and kill and sell the meat. Wow. OK see you later.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A new show

Hi. Welcome back. Sorry I'm busy. Created my own juice store and I'm busy creating my new perfume line. I need to act sell so I can support myself. I'm alone taking care of my mom, she acts like a 4 year old coz of the heart attacks, stroke, early dementia it's hard. I stayed at home while my sister works. So I need to earn to buy the things that I need like my maintenance medicines. I created again, a WebTV show in here I'll discuss anything u see the sun, hope somebody will send give me a videocamera. Even a small one or maybe a phone. So I could start. I'm planning to interview some priest maybe, businesses, ECIG shops, and anything under the sun and hope you'll support me by watching the shows and or hopefully maybe by donating. If you've any old movie videocamera that you are not using please send it to me. Sony hello, Samsung, others hello. Pls support me. OK just take good care. Here's the link

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