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Sunday, June 30, 2013

resurrecting psychicramta

Follow me on twitter @iampsychicramta On facebook Psychicramtay Hi, reading newspapers to be inform and at the same time to broaden. Drinking coffee, thinking if I'm going to post some manuscripts, did you know? Somebody wa able to translate the mysterious voynich manuscript? So expect it within 3 yrs or less. I need your help, find anything wrong, ugly in this blog? Send me a comment please. And will you pls click my ads nuffnang that's how I earn and pls add me in your twitter and fb, I'm doing a new campaign, resurrecting psychicramta. Have a nice Monday, take care guys I love you all. May the peace be with us. Later ill tell more about my Lord Apollion, how I wanted to be a jew.

termination a must

xgreat, Monday morning, think I'm going to get sick, maybe my sinus will pester me? I've been begging this meighbor of mine to stop burning the leaves, it irritates me, my nose doesn't like the smell of burning leaves and cause me to sneeze for hours. TERMINATION/ing Do you believe that the world is over populated? I do, here, there are 65 students in 1 section, there are more than 200 applicants in 1 vacant position. If you are poor and pregnant terminating that thing might help especially if you are poor, you could even save that thing if you'll terminate your pregnancy, especially if you already have kids, as you can see prices are going up

Saturday, June 29, 2013

true its true

Storm is over. Sunday morning and do I suffer from writers block something? I can't of anything to write. What's happening to me? Well its almost lunch time am I hungry? Great, now I'mse now I'm seing the sun quite a relief, hate rainy season reminds me of void, emptiness well see ya later. Take care.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello my dear friends, hope you are all ok and in good condition, like me. Whatta stressful day, basically, I did nothing except walking for 2 hours, one in the afternoon and one in the evening well trying to remove my excess baby fats hahaha, but I loved walking especially in the evening and early mornings, invigorating for me. I do believe that religious costumes ends up separating us,there should only be one but the problem is, there are many religions and sects, and they sprout like mushrooms, also evangelical ministries are sprouting, its like hey choose your religion style hahaha banquet. Well I'm thinking of creating my own religion base on my beliefs and all those things that I've read and investigated, will focus mainly on personal development, then let's see, I need donations for this, hello rich, famous, royal families out there I need your support hahaha.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

breast and thighs and everything nice

Breast and thighs lover? Naughty naughty, hahaha, I also love big breast and sexy. Fat thighs then the dips, should be mayo and sweet catsup oh my I love breaded crunchy breast and thighs. Hahahah hye what are you thinking? I'm talking about my fave breaded chicken getting hotter? Take a shower, To all bloggers, firmoo is giving a free gift, just add or advertize firmoo in your blog site go to firmoo on facebook give your blogsite address and they'll give you a brand new eyeglass see for details or add firmoo in your facebook accounts, open to all first timers only. Thanks to all of you my blog visitors and guests, keep on supporting me, by visiting reading my post, tell your friends about my site. See ya later alligator.

die another day? no, you die today

I hereby sentence you, to die... Its so saddening, a filipina was sentence to die in China, Philippine Government is doing everything to save my fellow filipino. Knowing how strict China is, I doubt if the government will be able to save her. I appeal to all of you, we might be able to save her, let's write a letter to the government of China. Let's go and visit China website who knows? Pls pass this to as many as you can, I humbly seek your. Help to save that filipina.

up up and away freaky freaks

I saw my sites statistics, its not fluctuating anymore, but visitors turns out is still low, out of danger so far hahaha, I'm quite happy and a bit contented, before I used to have3000 visitors a month excluding repeated visitations, you just don't know how hard ut is for me to make a post using a 2 x 3 inch screen that's why I'm asking for donations just send it to my paypal Where's the kings and queens of the world? Businessman, rich persons out there I need your help also samsung, apple, nokia, dell, etc hahaha send me a donations pls. My idol oprah, hello I'm waiting hahahah. Hello to my fans in India, where are yiu guys? Can't feel you presence. Top 3 visitors of this site are America, U.K, and the Phils, india? 6th place, do I thriugh my blog have a voice in India just like before? What happen to the yfos in India? Well my indian friends if you need to advertise anything just tell and ill help you for free.

oh my gosh, squirrels attacking the philippines?

Hi.saw on tv, that there's. A squirrel in one of the village near me, and the concern is, homeowners wanted them out fearing it might endanger their kids. I am also wondering why there's a squirrel in the Philippines? As far as I'm concern they don't like tropical countries? Homeowners think those squirrels came from a petshop, multiplied, and some escape. How about you dear readers what do you think?is squirrels safe or not? We aren't used to it, being in a tropical country they shiuldnt be in here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

i am yelling riight now

Sinner + father pls forgive me for I have sinned. I killed an old fart, I stole money. Priest-ok son, pray 3 our fathers, 3 hail maries, 3 glory bee and you will be forgiven and get the hell out of here, my girlfriend and I are having sex. Hahahaha. Twas a joke the last part. Do you think by doing reciting those mechanical prayers and you will be forgiven? Let's assume that I do believe in the bible, this isn't true, this isn't enoug kh, when you ask for forgiveness, do not do the same mistakes again,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

virus for you, want it or love it?

Its scary, much deadlier virus found, and they found it in the middle east? There are thousands of pinoy working in the middle east, cud it be a new pandemic? When those pinoy be back home they might bring the virus with them and it might spread. Just click the link to read it.

really? oh yeah so cool dude

Hi my friends,its all about religion, why is that God keep on sending us trials, keeps on testing us on a daily or on an hourly basis? Can you feel it? Most of the times, we don't even know what to do, most of the times those trials makes us weak,and thevyy say, God will not give you problems that you can't handle, then telling us about that fucking footprints in the sand, that he's carrying us in times of troubles. But we are humans, we can't even bare those trials, sometimes those trials eats up a lot of our time, God g is happy when he's testing us? Iys almost happy when he sends us trials? I can't fathom it, jesus died for our sins in order to save us, I don't believe in this, how can we learn something when he already redeems us? Unprofound, I don't believe in it. Please send us solutions and not trials, your comments please? What do you think? Religion is nothing, its fake.

Monday, June 24, 2013

i created you humans

Hello. I do believed that the bible is fake, twas created to make a slave out of us, to control us humans, they need to create a symbol, thus the bible, then create some characters, guve life to it and voila, the bible. Then, promulgate it, scattered to the world by those mercenaries or religious yeachers hmm quite easy and a lucrative job. Isn't it? BUT,,,,, v My question is, so the bible is fake, it doesn't exist in reality, what about those apparitions? Where did it came from? If the bible is fake, the apparitions must be fake? A well crafted one? Well plan? Or did someone used the power of haarp to create an apparition? WHAT ABOUT THOSE RELICS?j Relics such as noah boat, burial clothe of jesus? I do believe thiugh I can't tell you how, somebody uses the technology and created these things its like they are getting ready if future ,us, humans will ask questions. So debunking the bible isn't possible? What about the so called miracles? What about the dancing sun phenomena in the early 19..s? Are all of the seople who saw the sun dance, or swirl suddenly suffering from an eye disease or visual disease something? For me, god doesn't exist, its hard to prove but o do believe that there is light, the creator the god but not the god of the bible, god doesn't create us, but one of his creations did. Comments? Send them in. Much deeper topics later.

laugh while you still can

Hi. I'm back, what's up? Having a second thought and I need your advices my dear readers, there's this someone that I really love but the prob is, that is a prostitute, at a young age, keeps on having sex with anybody then the other one a straight one but only my crush, great I fall in love with the first one, choices choices and choices. I am back, not for good, but I'm going to tell you the truth about this world that we live in. Its just a dream. My advice to all of you is to learn how to cover your ears, not to talk about the world we live in. Just go on with your life, be contented with what you have. An appeal Plummobile I need a tablet please give me one hahahaha, just laugh it off, are you a blogger too? Just add firmoo in your fb list and they'll give you a gift, eyeglass just add firmoo . Got to go, see ya later.
In my absence, I've read and researched all about the catholic and the bible, and I'm still, not yet done. Its like, god wasn't the one who created us, its one of his creations did. But I'm not saying I'm right, later ill post those links or you try it, use google search. I love gmail, in my other email provider, I've been receiving scary letters like I won this and that, email from this n that even email from un, that doesn't happen to me in gmail. Guys I want u back. I know my blog is dirty with all of thise links advertisements. I need to redesign my blog, nI need your help please donate any amount will do.
h. What's up guys?I'm having a hard time using my my phone. Whats up? I'm sad, most of you left me, if you want me to add you on my facebook, my emaivyvl is, and my twitter is @iampsychicramta add me up.

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