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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Saturday, December 31, 2011

welcoming the dragon

hello HAPPY NEW YEAR guys, happy new year to all.

went home cominh from the church, went to the last mass of 2011, as of writing, 40 more minutes before we say goodbye to 2011.
gosh an unkind year to us, hahaha too many problems, almost sued 3x hahahaha thats life, thank GOD, i survived it all. thru thick and thin, i am still a cathilic.
hope yahoo will feature my story. tomorrow il post a videos, shocking ones, about firecrackers. filipino's loved firecrackers and for me its just a waste of time and money, youll buy this firecrackers that costs $5-$150 each, that will only las for about 30 minutes after that, what did you gain? hmm id a video but i dont know how to transfer it from my cp to my comp.
happy new year to all of us. but i tell you, for me 2012 is quite scary, i need to find job to support us, to be able to pay all of our debts huhuhu thats reality, i must face the reality, and so do all of us, remember when we see that there is only one set of footprints in the sun it means that HE' s carrying us and that is HIS footprints in the sun.........................

i love you my dear readers.....

Friday, December 30, 2011

my predictions

hi. watch out for my predictions, global on jan 1, 2012. according to the philippines top astrloger, zenaaida seva, lucky color are green and yellow, lucky number 5. hmm i must buy newspaper tomorrow phil star.

also watch out for my new site, iloveramta or ilovepsychicramta, on a planning stage, we are now planning all about its contents, hopefully thers no doomsday prophecy ek ek or anything  im sick and tired, it isnt true, so instead of focusing on those sites, id rather create my own happiness, i wanna be a journalist, i will talk all about the paranormal, thats iloveramta is all about, fresh, crisp, young, hip, yrendy coming out fresh of its cocoon. also i wanna tackle more about relationships, more about this later. im a sagittarius, one ugly thing about sagitarius is, we loved to plan, create it and at the center, we used to get bored, no finish projects, lazy? hahaha maybe. but lets see. if people will frequen my site, then of course, thats good, helpful.

ok time to park my pen hahahah i mean im sleepy, 12 hours and 30 minutes before new year,

Thursday, December 29, 2011

this really fraks me to no end,

all i know, is, Jesus Christ died on the cross, and he went to heaven siteth a the right had of GOD, the Father Almighty, end,
he will come again, that it. but this story really freaks me, and upon reading it, after reading it, i questioned the Bible. did jesus really died on the cross? did he fathered a sons or daughters? if this is the truth then the Bible is nothing? or was it a secret plan that only a few knows?
went to japan, fathered 3 kids, married and live happily ever after, wow, fairy tales isnt it? nice plot. he became a citizen farmer. hello i cant comprehend this, its like am i going to loose my mind? well then, bafore i loose my mind, i want you to loose yours too....
sorry but i think this is the last time and the final that i will dealt with the unknown, i dont care anymore what will happn to the world, the most important thing is, for me to find a job, forget this brouhaha thing, forget those big brother thing, after all they dont exist, they exist only on the minds of people who are envious of their career.oof their wealth, i dont care if ww3 happens, as long as asians / philippines are safe, go ahead, make your day, create your happiness. this is too much for me to bear, i dont wanna loose this site, i love this site, copy paste or click, what is this thing? the binle told us that jesus was crucified? just watch this.. then go to the site.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's

courtesy of

Santiago is the first Filipino and the first Asian from a developing state to serve as ICC judge, thus earning a place of honor for the Philippines in ICC history.


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's picture courtesy of 


congratulations, my idol, keep up the good work and more power.

1st filipino un citizen ambassador

written by balitangamerika admin news/tfc channel
NEW YORK – Jonathan Eric Defante’s 30-second-pitch on YouTube, an entry to the 2011 Citizen Ambassador’s Video Contest earned him one of three spots to become the first Filipino Honorary United Nation’s Citizen Ambassador.
Honored as best in concept, originality and execution, Defante’s “One Bottle, One Life” pitch to the Secretary General is about using plastic bottles to build model communities around the world

-written by admin/tfc channel

Please watch the video, first few seconds in tagalog and the rest, in english. copy paste or click to watch.

congratulations, mr defante.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2060, fact or fiction

what will happen on 2060? this number/date came from Sir Isaac Newton, it is of great interest to everybody, according to Sir Newton, that year herald the coming of our saviour, Jesus Christ setting a new earth,
( see )
so, if 2060 is the coming of our saviour, that basically is the end times, the start of a new era, but what about the beginning? surely, before the end times, there is a starting point in which 'All of it, will began" current date, today. are we really in the path? is this the starting point? in the Bible, there are clues and those clues are happening right now, left and right.
rumors of wars is spreading worldwide, there are famines thats happening, we all saw the catastrophies 2011 brought to us, doomsday predictions all over the world, look around you, read the newspaper.
but, there are a few people, who loves to depopulate the earth, as if they owned the earth, GOD the creator isnt complainig that we are over populated, then this group says we are over populated. bring those 6.8 billion human populations in texas, and in other parts, it will fit then after that tell the world, are we over populated? NO.
i tell you, fighting continues, fighting of the good and the bad do exist, globally.
but, im having a hard time expressing what i wanted to. i dont want to offfend our creator anymore, suffice to say that the end of the world will come, there are clues happening in the world, and in the BIble, it already judge us, at least those who are against the Creator.
it really puzzles me a lot, even in the old times, the mayans, hopi indians, and others warns us of the coming scenarios, why is that they all predicted 2012 as the doomsday prophecy?  if we are going to believe those seers, so 2012 is the starting point that will ends in 2060 as predicted by Sir Newton. itmakes sense.
so 2012 minus 2060 equals to 49, we are going to suffer for 49 years and on the 50th year, 2060 heralds the coming of Chrust.
pls go to

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

depressions, sighns of

please click the link, and read it. 9 signs of depressions, to prevent depressions we need to leave in harmony, get out meet friends, socialize, if you have problems deal with it seek help, do some gardenings, dont ignore the problems, deal with it, write in a sheet of paper your problems, where didi it start, posible solutions, pro's and cons, study it well, get help, get some advice the point is thou shalt not run or ignore the problem.

Monday, December 26, 2011

proud to be pinoy

another filipina is making waves in america. her jewelries one of the best, famous peoples go after her jewelries, shes only one there are many more pinoys in america thats making waves, theres this lechon cebu in america, we have the famous natori in america, jollibee in some parts of america, max's and many more.
watch the video of this pinay, a beautiful and young jewelry maker

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

funny fema

hi. do you believe in the ufo? that there is an another entity living up there? as a child, i dont have any problems of not accepting that theory, accepted it just like they are a part of us, maybe being a sagittarius. but the truth is they are real, lets forgive our government if they tried to tell us that they do not exist, its just because, look there will be chaos confussions, people will be scared, all those brouhaha things. they just dont want us to panic. panic creates negativity, we will be scared, scared to work it will ruin us, the government just dont want us to panic.
and now, theres this item from fema,

government owns and operates fema, right? how come fema says this thing? a guide hahaha oh well because there are negative aliens who will hurts us for no apparent reason, click the link and you could read an article back then, a ufo burns all the villagers as reported by a few witness. copy paste please.

project beta

click or copy paste just found it on google search
alien attacks humans

Sunday, December 25, 2011



Saturday, December 24, 2011

11:40 pm

guys merry christmas to all
hahaha im sick i dont have a voice hahaha

hey filipinos

look a message from the us embassy in manila, they send a greeting, also coming from their president. i like this kind of greetings, its like they are making of they want us to feel that we are special. thanks Sir, mabuhay.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

merry christmas

----------merryry christmas evebody

hi. merry christmas to all of you, im sick, i dont have a voice, thank GOD i dont use my voice on blogging hahaha.
i hate some meme's they are bastardizing the Virgin Queen, they are so unrespectful, i hate meme's i wont join meme, anymore.
please click or copy paste the link, let yourself be the judge. 6 more days to go before new year's eve, 365 days before the end of the mayan calendar. have fun guys, merry christmas to all,.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec 24, 2011
merry christmas to all of you.
candles for all of us, to give light when the road we are heading is dim
what a gloomy morning, but the birds are chirping, another ordinary day,
another day, \
it is festive to most filipino people,
busy preparing, cooking for the granddiose celebration
tomorrow, there will be plenty of visitors
reunions, partying, drinking
merry making.
i am not happy.............. orange is missing
my dog is missing.

final lament. citizen anonymous last broadcast

hi.dec 23, 2011
merry christmas to all of you.
pls watch this video, last broadcast of anonymous, the famous hackers. ive found it in youtube. and i decided to share it. copy paste or click,
im sick, i dont know why,i woke up this morning, saw my finger aching and has some blood on its side. creepy.
tomorrow people especially here in the Philippines, will be busy.theyll be cooking, a lots of cooking.
anyways heres the video, spread it.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

thank you

hi. i would like to thank all those people, countries, organizations who gave donations to the filipino flood victims, they do really need it, thank you, but please dont forget our african brothers, they do also need help, and its urgent, they are dying, please go to your favorite charity organizations and give financial support, africans need help, specially those who can afford, .cnn they have an advertisement you can go to get your carte blanche and donate. pls pls pls africa needs your help, people are dying. pls dont forget africa.

wanna laugh? jejeje i mean hehehe or hahaha go to this site

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fema camps, new world order, copy paste

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pls copy paste o click you decide

Monday, December 19, 2011

well, ah okay

hi, sorry im quite busy about y webtv, anyways i need a poster 540 x 800 in size, but i dont know where to get it for free, if you know something, please tell me.
i hevent updating my radio show lately, im so busy literally.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Kim Jong -Il, north korean leader, died earlier this morning at around 8:30 am, while on a train trip, no plans of burial has been set but his son, will be his successor.

a catastrophy

the tragedy that kills more than 200 filipino people, the Philippines is in a state of grief  that shocked the whole country if not the whole world., many volunteers, civilians are helping and doing their best to find the other missing victims of the said tragedy which roused to more than 200. search and rescue teams, are doin their best to find any survivors.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

watch the video pls

this is the kind of link that i need hahaha its funny but i think its quite a dangerous that cute pet playing with that baby, i kept on laughing i like it, i want more of it its cute,

this is the link arsenic link click it and its up to you if youll believe it or not. my GOD what if the shipped those juices in other countries? what will happen next? deaths? i think you must stop your kids from taking those juices until the food and drug says yes, you may now continue to drink juices. its scary you know, its all about your kids health is at risk.

been busy, busy as a bee thats the truth

hi guys, whatzzup? im very busy, studying all about journalism. theres this free guides that i am studying now, it includes everything and anything that i (we) should know about journalism, reporting, camera/video angle, how when where to interview, all about interviewing,tools of a journalism plus ive to study more about grammars and spellings, geez looks like hell hahaha its hard but its quite rewarding in the sense that people will be inform, pays? i dont know, all i know is i amgoing to be paid, not that much since i am a newbie, the hardest part is, i have to go outside of my world and look for news, yes ill report it live here in the Philippines, i know i must polish my grammars and spellings though i know i am good at spellings. ive sign up at allvoice and soon youll hear my first news youll see it and you might watch it. so i will be a seasonal reporter hahaha since i cant go out regulrly and seek for news. and also im creating some projects about my first webtv show, which will debut on thefirst quarter of 2012.
7 days before christmas, lonely and sad. basically im broke well ill just kiss my mom on christmas day. GOD bless.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

copy paste or click. this is what they want to happen to us, 6 billion humans death. the new workd order, okey i must say with pride, new order spagetti and chicken hahaha. watch the video please. you may want to visit and read a few articles go to


kill them, kill them now

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

copy paste if not working and please pass it, put it in your blogs, sites. planning to kill some 6 billion human beings, and they say it is environment friendly? They are not GOD. GOD is not saying anything against our population, these satanic group acts as if they own the world, why dont they create their own planet and leave us in peace? they can create a new planet and install themselves as the great living god.

Friday, December 16, 2011

psychicramta, a journalist?

hello, nice title but its quite true, i joined allvoice last night, so ive to gather some news and forward it to them and i could earn isnt it nice? since i loved being a journalist airing my side so hopefully, pls watch my news ill tell you more about it later.

did you watch my video? hurry up im going to give 10 free psychic readings just for you, only 10 because im very, all you have to do is to fill up the form and send it back, use the vcita contact form located at the bottom? check it out.

today is the day im waiting for the news if the us govt will pass the law, hopefully not, thousands of bloggers will be affected.

about H.R.3261

hi. am scared hahaha, but first i would like to thank you just in case you might not be able to see my blogs anymore hahahah, thank you, hey it isnt a premonition okey? i know many blogsites will/might closed down. maybe one of the reason is being leftist, hayst i am just a blogger. and this is my online diary, just like the rest of us, it is based on my belief upon any topics that can be found in here.


im waiting for something, any news about  H.R.3261, hope us govt wont push it. anyways just in case, would like to thank you though you are all shy, you didnt even bother to leave your email addresses hahaha.

anyways just in case i will use my pseudo name, psychicramta so from time to time, you can search me using google search of course. ok time to park my pn, quite sleepy so goodnite asians, good morning good afternoon rest of the world.

my freedom of speech what will happen to my freedom?

huhuhu, the u.s. government dont pass that law, what will happen to my career? to my followers what are they going to read? where will they go if they wanted to read a quality reading materials like on this site? what will happen to my followers hahahaha, i hate it. why they are going to censor my site? dont i have any freedom of speech? i miss ex pres kennedy if he is still alive he wont approved it.
click the link and read it and pray that they wont pass that law. i dont know what to do without my sites, i already deleted some 17 sites.
if that will happen you will read nothing on this site except some corny jokes, and no more personal opinions. what about cj or jc? cj is citizen journalist, that surely will be ban too.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

galactic forces destroys underground base command center

hi. this is the link, as to the latest about the galactic forces, you will be able to learn a thing or two about the galactic forces, who they really are, what is their agenda and others. this link courtesy of
i know, you will be having a hard time believing, but i tell you its the truth. ive researched this fromother sources and i get the same results, especially from david wilcock, who, other said, are into hiding because somebody is threathening him, his life. even his site is still under construction. ive read this on and others.
we think that the fighting will occur in our skies? they have their own battle arena, deeper in this planet, im having a hard believing about the things that ive been reading, the oocupants of this planet is nothing but the followers of satan, arent you hearing anything lately? about the foods we ate? the water that we drinks (IN US THEIR WATER IS FLUORIDATED 98% WHILE IN UK ITS ONLY 2% )? including juices, even burgers, orange juice... almost, even our personal hygienic tools such as toothpaste, research my friends, dont just believe on me, do your own research. project stargate libya is quite scarrry, you may want to dig this by using google search.
well, my friends, here's the link

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

connection problem

hi. great connection problem. hey did you see that ad? you can post ads in this site, its cheap, $25 a month and your ad will appear 24/7, 30 days its cheap right? your ad will be seen by more than a thousand visitors in this site 24/7, personal note like, i like you, ann i love you mom and others are accepted. send your inquiry now.
its raining in here,  quite sleepy. tomorrow 4 am we re going to the church for 9 straight days, as we preparesto welcome to celebrate christmas.
i would like to thnk my guess, all of you my vistors. do you have any topic that you want me to discuss? send it right now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the truth has set me free

hello iys tuesday, gosh i dont know what had happen to me these last few days basically, im depressed. and wanna know why?
my aunt shes a doctor in arizona, a famous one, she earns a lot, she used to give us $2,000 a month for the last 25 years, that money we used to buy foods, clothing, medicines, electric bills, water and other bills, in short almost living like dolce vita, plus we have a convenience store that really earns money, too many customers. that 2k dollars, for my mom to budget. and it is more than enough, half of that is enough, why? my sister works in duty fre back then, we have a store that earns well, plus my moms allowance, plus my grandma;s allowance to my mom.
and if my mother still needs extra money, she would just tell my aunt and my aunt will send her some more extras,
i sell prepaid load back then i earned enough, then my grandma's allowance thats $50 for me, plus my aunt giving me $50 a month, and i dont have a family to support, so twas fun.
we continue on living for at least 25 years. we dont have any savings, because all we do is to spend and spend, then 2009 came, my aunt died, before she died she knows she will die, she said i am goingto give you one years allowance theb after that stop. 5th month, she died. slowly we ran out of money, my sister received some diamonds from my aunt also my mom, but they dont wanna sellit,so they pawned it, he store became bankruft, and we are not recieving anything, my aunt has a mansion in arizona, my cusins are selling it, when that sells my mom will inherit a small amount. our only alowance comes from my grandma and sometimes my aunt who is a nurse.
and that causes my depression, its hard finding a job in the Philippines. i dont know how to cope up, too good my sister earns a bit.
for you out there, learn from me, learn how to save and invest, get ready for the fall, you will no end up always standing. you need to fall in order for you to learn. its so lonely down here, i dont have friends i shooed them away, theyll not helping me so i decided to a solitary confinement. you must save money, work hard, if you are workingbin the office, dont be satisfied with what you earn. instead think of something ways for you to earn, you might sell some to earn. for ladies out there you can sell avon products. you can sell perfumes, shirts, insurances and so fort. dont be contented, price is soaring high.
save save save.

Monday, December 12, 2011

having a feeling that ....

hello, to my indians friends in Pune, India a special message for you

-अच्छा दोपहर मेरे दोस्त

hi guys hello, im having a headache, didnt eat well, maybe because of the weather, you know its getting cold in here, christmas is approaching too fast strict budget what am i going to give to my mother? hello why dont you try to buy my products?
the picture up there thats my products huhuhu wanna buy one? its smells good of course i made it. its only $25 10 ml size and $35 30 ml size, lotion is $15 200 ml. price includes shipping and hadling.

hi to my indian friends and to all गुड ईवनिंग.

hello my friendsm cant sleep kept on thinking bout that mice hes dead, and i am sad depressed.
i visited alexa, and i was happy because in google india, my name psychicramta appears on 25 search pages wow thats something,
for you my indian friends,

गुड ईवनिंग.

sweet dreams and goodnite. that means good evening right? so got to sleep, take care people, good morning and/or good afternoon rest of the world

oh my, tiny lil creature is dead

so i was typing about to stand up, whan my pet a mice caame by, i accidentally move my legs, and he was hit but i didnt intend ti hurt him, hes dead, i didnt step up on him suddenly he stop moving my GOD, was so sad and angry, i love mice, i love rats and all animals shit im so stupid he is not moving anymore, his eyes are open oh gosh. im so depressed.

to whom it may concern

to whom it may concern,

i am sorry
easy to say
hard to do
but i promise you
that it is true
ill change my way
just for you

some people asked me if im still im touch with reality
so from now on, a new psychicramta will emerge
i will talk or jot down any positive views, posts, that will make us a better human beings,
away from the past.
im going to delete all the writings in this site, to start a fresh new one
so what about you guys help me?
i need your help
remember that i am nothing without you,

christmas is approaching, basically i am penniless
oh gosh i cant find work because i am old and undergraduate and i dont have my school papers.
so tomorrow a new psychicramta will emerge, so my friends see you later


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