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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hot hot hot. Experiencing summer. Hate summer usually my sinusitis pestering me during hot dry season. Just like now hahaha yucky. Just hurt, there are some people who keeps on hurting those animals like in Korea, the dog meat market. Those puppies those dogs I pitied them. Thanks there's this organization helping and stopping animal meat factory. Why are people keep on hurting killing those animals? Why businesses keeps on selling leather products? Do they need to kill just to create a leather goods? People knew that those companies needs to kill an animal just to create leather product. If that's the case I wanna see leather goods created from human skin. Be fair. Killing those elephants coz of their ivory or something. Hey shut up. Those leathers are actually ugly. I can accept leather goods made up of pig or cow skin coz we are eating those animals. But killing an animal just for it's leather it's stupid. Pitied those alligators. Pitied them. Wanna see a clothe made up of human skin. Stop hurting killing those animals.

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