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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ships have sailed

Hi there. So hot , getting hot in here. On the left side my web TV I'm now featuring the latest for the band The Ships Have Sailed, their latest I love this song hope you'll love it too. I remember this Chinese store cheated me, Angelcigs by not sending me my prize, a mod kit. And not replying on my emails. Pls don't buy from them. Still creating contents , still following up on those people that I want to interview I tell you, it's hot it's really hot. There could be shouting hahahah. I wanna interview some famous people, aliens will do ahahaha. Oh my. I've a very tiring life nowadays. Can't go out. Hope my readers like you, please need your support. Support me. Thanks.

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