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Friday, September 25, 2015

Did you see my mom?

😇 😇 😇 Where is my Mama, where is my Mama? our mother, most important person in our life, she is taking good care of us, cooking, cleaning the house, washing and ironing our clothes, etc etc. But one day, tragic thing happened. She is in her bed at 12 in the morning, my sister decided to rushed her in the hospital. I saw my mom lying with apparatus in her body, we all thought she couldn't make it. She recovered, twas her first heart attack. She can talk walk like normal, so we really take good care of her. She is in her usual self, jolly and loving. Then we decided to rushed her in the hospital, again. Twas Pneumonia. So twas OK fine. One fine afternoon, in the hospital waiting for my sis. I decided told my mom I wanna take a nap, I noticed she kept on starin at me so I said why mom? She said nothing. I woke up feeling that someone's starin at me you know the feeling, twas my mom. 3:30 pm, she said she wants to go to the bathroom, then the unexpected happened. Her second heart attack and a fatal one. After a few days, her doctors told us, she won't be the same again. They are right, now shes alive, but she can't talk can't walk, looks like she's a 4 year old. Did you see my mom? Please tell her that I do love her we used to fight you know the thing. She's so different its like she's a new person. It's a very hard to take care of her but we love her am not showy of my feelings but hello she's my mom. Tell her that I missed her so much. Tell my mom to gfo back to her usual self, that we will start all over again. While your loved ones still alive, show let them feel your loved....before its too late, don't be like me.. Did you see her? I miss her I love her tell her that I will wait, I'm still hoping that she'll be a okay one day...God, I will wait, I will...

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