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Friday, February 13, 2015

comeback, hurray

Hello, happy valentines day, remember, psychicramta hearts all of you. Well, one good news, in a few weeks from now, I'll be having my very first tablet, hurray, and I'll be able to post regularly, very nice. What's this? Is it true that the Russians ate asking the U.S. to admit the truth about Aliens? If this is true so what? Aliens are like us, some bad, most are good. I want you to think and be prepared that they are real, and they do exist somewhere in our planet. Don't be scared, someone's protecting us, if that's true. Yes, right now the world must enjoy and be happy, after all it took 44 pinoys to achieved this peace. Yes, that rebel is dead, he died in Mindanao, 44 soldiers died in exchange for one rebel. There are lots if controversial bout this topic and I don't wanna write tell you about this. My Chinese friends, Kung Hei Fat Choi or happy new year and Happy Spring Festival to all of you. Wish us to stop the brouhaha in the territory. Learn to respect and follow the rules. Again, thank you and I promise I'll start again, more post to come. I've to clean this blog, it irritates me swing those add sons I'll remove it and this blog will be a nice one that every body will love. R Albert l tapawan In Facebook, add me @iampsychicramta In twitter

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