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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Monday, June 4, 2012

review firmoo optical


hi. i ordered one firmoo (see advertisement on the left side of the screen, firmoo optical, click it and visit firmoo the cheapest, affordable place on the internet to buy your prescription or not glasses)

after giving the correct prescription, left and the side eye grades, the glass arrived ahead of schedule. twas my gift to my mom, she's complaining about her old glass, the glass arrived in perfect shape, same design and all the specifications that i told firmoo, when my mom wear it, twas perfectly the same as her old glass.

i would like to thank firmoo, i am endorsing firmoo. please visit firmoo. just click the ad on the left side of the screen. again, thank you very much and more power to FIRMOO OPTICAL.

the truth is,, ,

hi. the only reason why i was able to post last night, courtesy of my mom who gave me $1.10, thats one day unlimited internet.
just check my dog's body temperature its 38 degrees. everytime im feeding him milk he's having a diarrhea, ive change the milk brand twice, this is the most difficut times of my life, demand letters i can breath, its like i was in a state of shock, this is what an animal lover feels everytime this kind of problem arises,
i would like to request my readers to please pray for my dog. any donations will be highly appreciated, thank you. pls pray for my dog...casper.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

im sorru guys

hi. im sorry ok im not going to lie. right now i am upset, sad mixed emotions. why? last may,last week of may, my fave dog, casper got sick. i dont have any money back then, i am worrid, worried to death, he;s been sneezing almost endlessly. so we dont have any money back then but hello, i am not going to let my dog to die just like that.

i dont have any jewelries to pawn. i cant borrow any money, my friends are all broke, they are also suffering like me. i think this is the best option left, i pawned my iphone for about P2,000 or about $46.00. i called the doctor and he gave my dog some medicines

taganet tablets 8pcs
xanazole tablets 20 tabs
predmisole  (cant understand his writings)
glucolite powder 6 pcs
irtbigr tab 10pcs

all in all, ive spent P1,300 or $30.00 the remaining amount left, i gave to my mom to buy foods. my pets veterinarian told me, my dogs case is quite serious, because of his age 7 yrs old (1 yr pets life is equivalent to 7 years human life).

all tablets/medicines now gone. but my dog is still sick. he's not eating anymore so i have to forcefeed him. porridge but he doesnt like it so i tried to buy all the foods that he loves and like. red salted eggs, sisig (pork with vinegar? am i right) all the foods including chickens. i am at a lost, i cant send him back to his vet, i do not have the money, much worse, globe gave me a warning that i must pay P9,785 or $275 also suncellular warns me of  suit $190 my bank for about $165 i dont really know what to do i dont have the money i only have some P2000 or $46. i cant use this money because i must pay globe as soon as possible to avoid lawsuit. its killing me. seing my pet makes me cry i dont have a shoulder to cry on. i dont have friends because they are also busy trying to find a living, i hate where i am right now. hope i am in your shoe right now.

i said sorry to my pet, ive talked to him maybe he understands me, my only consolation is, ive tried ive sent him to the vet. now im forcing him to drink at least a milk. its killing me, this is the worst time of my life, seing my dog about to die, im having a hard time i cant fathom it. nobody wants to help because they are having the same financial problem im experiencing right now.

11:17 asian time N O W

i cant sleep. i am trying to sell this netbook that i am using, in order for me to pay some of my debts, am also selling my used tv, my gameboy advance, and everything. i dont even know how to smile, i love my dog and i cant do everything/anything to prolong his life but my mom and sister told me, if i am going to prolong his life, my dog's the only one to suffer, that i should let him GO.

so i know ive lost some of my readers and i am sorry. my heart is torn, broken. my soul is almost ruin. i want my dog to live, i want him, my son my bestfriend all rolled into one.

soon i could only post maybe once a month. i am sorry. and i would like to thank all of you for your time reading my posts, eventhough i dont have the proper command of the english language, thank you, thanks but i know this is only temporary. you dont know how and what i feel. i cant even afford to buy hamburger.

my aunt who died years ago told me. no matter how hard your problem is, dont pity yourself, when you pitid on yourself you self esteem will be affected stand up chin up and facethe problem. the bigger the problems the easier the solutions. i am not ready i dont want my dog to leave me..............

again, thank you and goodbye not permanently but temporarily. but ill be back soon.  so pls keep on checking from time to time.

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