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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

appreciated? thanks.

wow whatta comment from Mr Steve of Samsung Deals, ok i loved samsung products thats why after my financial problems (debts) ill earn and save money i wanna buy samsung tab 7. i think it costs about $500 more or less. well Mr Steve if you want send me one samsung tab for free and ill advertise you on all of my sites, in myy net radio show, in my facebook/twitter account, how about that sir? hahahaha

the only reason why i was able to post is, im cleaning this netbook removing my files as you can see, i sold it, buyer will pick up my net this aftrenoon. but dont cry my dear readers, i still have my iphone i can post using my iphone.

if apple will remove the itune registration something, then it will be much easier. imagine you cant download anything until you must first register and how on earth you can register if you dont have a credit card? at least mastercard? well, i am a jcb user plssssssssss.

thats the reason why i prefers samsung, ease of downloading, but you can do the same using nokia, lg, and others. for me, the biggest hindrance is itune registration bla-bla. and i hate it, sure by downloading cydia application you can now download anything using your iphone, but id rather not, afraid something bad might happen on my phone.

but if you really love and needs to buy inexpensive phone try nice designs, friendly prices.

i saw coby tablet and its quite cheaper, $160 and up. i hate to sell my netbook, i worked hard for this. but i know it should and must go. thanks Mr Steve of samsung deals.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the last 30 minutes...................

hi. good morning asians
good afternoon, good evening rest of the world.

in 30 minutes time, my broadband topups will expire. i dont know when i will be able to write again, i would like to thank all of you for your continued patronage hahahaha so hot in here, thats why my dogs takes about 4 baths a week.

and, im going to sell my netbook, the one that i am using now im going to pay some of my debts/loans ill just use my iphone for posting. but that one too will sell it.

the only thing that i hate about iphone is, the itune store. you must/should have a credit card its mastercard, my card is jcb and i cant register i cant download the latest ios 5.1.1 updates. i hate iphone. why is that you still need a credit card? id prefers samsung. after this mess ill settle for samsung tablet, i love samssung note but its 5 inch screen while samsung tablet is 7 inch.

so bye for now. see you soon. take care. love you guys. make love not war.

my pets loves me

hi. 9;53pm
sunday, may 13, 2012

its cute. my pets kissing me, playing with me. im eating a chocolate cake and they want some, hahaha so i gave some, i remembered chocolate is bad to the dogs, but its ok i just ate the icing they ate the fluffy cake.

you know its hard for me to say no to my pets. everytime i spank them, i cried hehehehe its just that they are so stubborn, keep on barking. upon seing a dog passing by, they will bark almost endlessly.

guys do you believe in reincarnation? maybe i am cruel to the animals back then and i am paying it (my cruelty) right now? or, could they be my sons or daughters before? i remembered my dog, we went to her veterinarian, because she had this wound on her stomach (i cant remember what it is exactly) so the veterinarian treating my dog, and i was outside of the clinic crying, yeah its true, i hate it when my pet dies.

the most painful is, when my favorite dog, agha got sick, i brought him to the vet, so twas ok, they treated him, gave some injections, while on the bus, i felt my dog, his head on my shoulder, i didnt worry because i thought hes just sleeping, so reached my house, put him on my bed, i stared at him alas, hes not moving, hes dead. this is the most painful part of my life, i literally cried a river, i dont care if people saw me crying, i wept day and night. the hardest thing to accept is, at night no one will kiss me goodnight, no one will give me a good morning kiss, no one will bark at me. i thought, that i am going to die.

but i am having a hard time loving a person, when my relatives died one after the other, i didnt even bother to shread  tear. when my grandma (worst one hehehe) died, i went to the disco and have a good time. well i only loved two or three persons in my life (aside from my family) this one ive loved so much but too young, talking about loving a human being hahaha.

happy mothers day to all mothers out there. guys, want you to kiss your grandma, your mother, your aunt. have a nice monday asians. hi to all of my friends in india.

to all my chinese friends please help us. we want peace not war. that island is ours. why dont you just try to tell your leader that if they want to drill look for some gas, would it be nice to let the Philippines and China act as one? and divide the income into two? my chinese friends, nobody wants an enemy.

becoming alive

hi. im back, till tom 12 noon only. first great news, my dog, smokey is back. after 4 months he's back. he and casper and my cats completed me, im an animal lover i can maybe learn to leve all kinds of animals in the world (except the lizards in human disguise hahahahahaha peace twas a joke)

then earlier this morning, fatso, my favorite cat died. yesterday we were playing and i even hugged him, and i told him that i love him. thats why i used to tell my pets how much i loved them, unconditional loved. i used to pick up and hugged my pets and tell them how much i loved them, if i scolded them, ill them the reasons, i know they can understand. i think its time for you to do the same, tell your love ones how much you loved them. until they are still alive, until they can still hear you, they will appreciate your words.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers out there, thank you mom and to my grandma priscilla worlds greatest mom and grandma.

world's worst grandma goes to - my grandma who died years ago. she only loved my rich cousins and she hates us, poor ones, too bad i didnt even have a change to slapped her. hey its me, the real me. i will jot down everything what i want to say. now bet my grandma, worst grandma.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

late and im sorry

hi. hello to my russian readers, thank you russians,
indian friends are missing, where are you guys? i miss you.

sorry late posting, quite busy, i cant stand the heat its 36.5 degrees in here. thats why im very careful when playing basketball, i opted for just shootings, no real basketball game for me, im afraid of heat stroke.

is china bullying the philippines? philippine document shows 1730-40's while china's document stated 1770's. much earlier. and i hope everything will be settle in peace. spare us. i cant understand china  claiming two islands from the philippines, i believe everything will be ok


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