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Monday, October 10, 2016

Pain, sufferings

Hi my friends. How are you? I'm sick and still don't know what it is, going to the John's to poo (excuse me) is hard literally almost crying then my doctor gave me some pills it's now easy but my scrotum or the hole ia aching Everytime I poo, I'm scared after one week if there's no improvement I have to seek a surgeons help, wherein they'll put me to sleep and insert a device to see my colon or something. I'm scared I don't like this. Hope I will feel better and ok in the next few days. Would like to ask your help, whatever your religion is please pray for me. Please I need prayers pray for me. It's hard it's painful I almost can't bear the pain. Pls pray for my very speedy recovery. Did you like the new look of my blog? Minus those search engine or something? Is it pleasing to the eyes now? Hope you'll like it coz I hate my blog back then, I just don't have time to fix it. Finally I did. You can see that subscribe. Pls do. Subscribe to my newsletter. I'm on a diet now, wherein I'm eating no meat even fish, eating all veggies and fruits like pineapple oranges grapes papaya. I'm loving this diet, half cup of rice. My meat is hard boiled egg. Love this diet. Guys, once again please help me. Pray for me. I need your help. So the hardest part is, still taking care of my mom who suffered a heart attack, lost her memory, stroke, act like a kid, her tantrums, I've to take care of her going to the bathroom washing it's hard that I'm also sick. She needs me 24/7. Hope I'll be ok, pray for me please. Thanks for to cook.

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