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Monday, April 16, 2012

i dont have doubts,

in this internet thing, i was able to learn too many things, im now afraid of eating those chips, i prefers locally made foods and medicines, and even my laptop that im using ive the camera covered its like am i being paranoid? hehehhe. i had it covered because i felt like somebody's watching me. i dont care bout my iphone, i rarely use it except surf the net but the wifi's here are off, you need a password, and again, i hate it hehehe.

now that the holyweek is over, i would like to tell you that THE CREATOR, the SOn, The Virgin Mary are real. somebody trying to discredit to lull us away. this is my post to be last holyweek and now ive forgotten the facts that i am going to jot in here.

and im even afraid of drinking any colas. i basically think in my own opinion that hell or a part of it is in here, on this planet. an extension room? hahaha. who knows? the world is full of surprises. i do believe that there are still places in this planet yet to be discovered. new species to be found.


hmm im just wondering some of his post arent into fruitition yet. and he even gave a deadline. esp about that royals who will now (accdg to benjamin) will rule the empire on april 1, 2012. hohumm sick n tired. all is a brouhaha all is a part of this and a part of that and a bit part of another that,.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

to end this mess.......................

hi. im sorry, i dont have the time and the resources to post regularly nowadays.

i hate this mess thats ruining me hahaha i need $1700 to free my self hehehe any donations? ive recieved a notice of telling that i must pay my balances, 4 subpoenas totalling $1700 hohum is psychicramta going to the prison? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no, pls help oh my gosh.

thats my telecom providers subpoenas, thats why im selling everything again right now. ive this expensive guitars that i was about to sell only to find out twas ruinned. can be repaired but costly. $150 including the strings.

i hate it, hahaha getting scared. today is sunday i might be able to recieve 3 subpoenas tom. im lucky hahaha.


the only thing i hate about is, my internet provider, so slow. i just bought a three hour inet load today. i can only afford that. so see you later guys. watch out for my next topic this coming week, ciao, keep safe. I NEED DONATIONS PLS. SO I COULD AFFORD TO GO ONLINE $ 25 WILL DO, pls dont be shy hehehe.

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