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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

learn to forgive n play basketball allright got it

tired. very very tired. played basketball for three hours my knees are shaking hahaha it's fun.
lying in my bed it's almost nine pm and I'm really tired. did you like my post bout Ms MSantiago and Liz Taylor? ahh woman of substance.
there's this thing I would like to ask Anonymous a question. are you pro GOD?

we are legion
we do not forget
we do not forgive - anonymous

legion? we all know who or what legion is. anonymous claims they don't have a leader a
non spiritual non physical? you do not forgive? so you are....? it's just a question you xo not
forgive you do not forget? why? so the word
forgive isn't in your vocabulary? GOD wants all of us to love and forgive each other. that's all for now I'm soooo tired guys. I didn't even do my evenng brisk walking routine hehehe sign of aging? maybe wahahahahaha wanna earn my
million first......

take care
evil hides in many form thAt is unfathim to us all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a new me. re inventing myself.......again

re invent your self

we must try to re invent our self to get rid of
that old look, we must try to re invent to gain to find to do something new well at least again. sporting a single look over the years is quite boring isn't it?
if you are kind being kind is quite boring try to sport a rebel look hahaha with matching guns hahahha hey am not promoting it.
what am saying is it's boring living having the same routine daily hey you are not a computer or a robot
we must try to add something new, if you are old get a new hair cut change your clothes preperence, try coloring your hair, attend a new or join a club get a new hobby too bad fo me all I want is to be a cj journalist but I can't afford a videocam it will cost ke some five hundred dollars.

a new me

now I'm playing basketball again and doing some walking exercises daily, renewing friendships looking for a new set of friends I kept on collecting then later I must segregate the good ones to the not so good ones, my rule is simple find genuine friends that will love me. I am trying to plant a new set of flowers in my unseen garden.
we aren't getting any younger
we all will reac our own expiration date (hahahhahahhaha) sooner or later.

what I notice

am starin at my palm and I find this new sets of lines in my palm, it's not here before. I swear I don't know what it means, a new lines in my palm it's in my left palm they said left palm means past and the right palm means the future? so something in th past will make a comeback? and I am seing a star in my left palm, don't know what it means.

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bits about Sen Miriam D.Santiago

courtesy of The Philippine Star
Sunday march 25, 2012
sunday lifestyle
by jojo silvestre

tidbits of info about Senator Miriam D. Santiago

fave author - Leo Tolstoy
role model - Marie Curie, Margaret Thatcher
fave music - Mozart
fave song - Strangers in Paradise
fave food - champagne and caviar
her must travel destination - anywhere in Italy
latest job - aside from being a senator, she is an incoming judge of the International Criminal Court and by accepting the job, she will resign from her post as senator.
finished a master's in Theology
she's a lawyer
a judge
a doctorate degree holder
I tell you she is a very tough lady, she is great well loved by the flipono people, in politics she only loss once, election for president, but that is another story. she is a very successful women. idolizes by millions feared by billions. woman has balls. she is serious too bad shell leave us soon to fulfill her latest adventure in her life. she is my idol the woman whose tongue is made up of sword hahahaha she's very straight forwarded she means what she says. the interview is very lengthy. she is a gem a diamond a gift to the Filipino people.

on your first death anniversary, Ms Taylor

hI. it's Ms Elizabeth Taylors first death anniversary. a woman who loves fine jewelries. she created perfumes and colognes like

passion 1987
passion for men 1989
white diamonds 1991
diamonds and emeralds 1993
gardenia 2003
and if I'm not mistaken her last perfume before she died last year

violet eyes 2011
her latest perfume

or her last gift to the world to her admirers and fans worldwide. she is the most beautiful actress of all time. thank you Ms Taylor surely we will miss you. go and buy her perfumes.
we will all see you soon, world's idol. the beauty the look the glamour that is yours and ours to cherish forever.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a visionary's message of great Importance

hi. I've a new link for you, especially for catholics. it's a very refreshing message of our Saviour to us all. praying Rosary is something great so I think I need to start praying the rosary for worldwide peace.
hi to my Indians friends how are you? not hearing anything from you. hope everything will be peaceful, no arguments can be settle if there is no calmness present. we must remain calm because there is peace if we will all be calm. I know it's hard but again, shouting raising voices solves nothing it only creates confusions and angered.
well having a hard time posting using my iPhone because the connections is very slow a one minute YouTube video I can finish watching that in 3 or 5 minutes. it seems the technology is not available in here hahaha. I hate it so slow.
I'll try to post a link later it's quite scary.
so almost weekend keep safe. pls pray for world
peace and that there will be a hungry less in the world.
keep safe. and thank you for reading my blogs thank you.

here's the link about n. Korea a must read. scary but I'dont know if it's true or not but judge it foy yourslf
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here's the link
the message of our Saviour

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm going to tell you a secret, it's between us, ok?

hi. I'm browsing the net I visited fulfords site, emperor Akihito of japan is a fake emperor? also the most shocking story is that all about those aborted babies I admit I cried because of anger. it's like those people doesn't believe in GOD , Jesus Christ, and Mama Mary anymore. the cruelest thing that a human can do. I'd rather kept my mouth shout just copy paste and read it.

fake emperor? go to

aborted babies

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the truth about identified flying object.......... well, almost...

my 102nd article

do you believe in the existance of ufos? i said identified flying object, thats what they are. i read somewhere that we, human beans, ow sorry i said human beings are they are our masters and we are their maid? we are their workers.
there are many videos about ifo worldwide, weve seen them on youtube etc, i mean hello are all of them fake? how i hope the government of the world will tell us that ifo's are real.
in this video you will hear a live phonecall conversation. i do believe that the guy on the phone is real, he is saying soomething that is real, his voice is quite serious, almost crying for e hes saying the truth hes very afraid. am wondering where is he now? that i cant find out. anyways savor the following video, ifo all over the world. enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

free eyeglases yes its absolutely free

              free glasses

ive seen this ad in my facebook. i was surprised, and i thought twas a joke until i saw a filipina's post thanking the site for giving her a free glasses its absolutely free.

before you try to click the link, i would like to request, if you are poor and you cannot afford to buy a glasses, then go and click, but if you can afford, pls stop. i hope you give the poor people a chance to own a free glasses, i know some people will click on it, eventhough they can afford to buy one.

to the site who gives free glasses

i would like to thank you fo giving out glasses. i am going to ask one for my mother, and illend you my mother's info. again thank you very much. more power.

the truth is, i dont know thats why...............

great ive a link and im just going to shut my mouth hahahaha let you decide. now 11:50 am in here, its very hottttttttt
and my sinus is pestering me, huhuhu i jotted down last night that my sinus isnt pestering me, now its back........... from vacation? hahahaha
anyways, im going to open a new site, if you are teen agers, studying, good manners and conduct, wanna meet a friend, send me your picture/s and some interesting facts about you, and ill put it in that site youll meet some pinoys and other foreigners.

so heres the link...

kiss the day goodbye

hello my friends. how are you? how about my friends in India? wazzup? this is my first post in two months using a computer. sometimes i hate to use my iphone while posting my post.

do they have a problem (people from the east) about the planet? unconfirm that it has something to do with gas/methane on air? inform me.

sometimes the weather is hot sometimes its cold perfect climate for me, thank GOD my sinusitis is not pestering me, and people in my village, a miracle, not burning leaves anymore.... well so far, it is a common practice even though it is ba to do that because of the clean air act, but sometimes people thinks that they are god, not following the ordinances, i do have a problem bout my neighbors doing that thing,

ive some new links that you may want to visit, for fun.

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so, again comments, suggesstions, criticisms, violent reactions are welcome, send them in,
take care my friends, got to go, buh-bye and thanks again.



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Thursday, March 15, 2012

death star refuelling At the sun?

hi wazzup? i thought tWas summer already? it's cold in here. the weather is changing.
is it true? did you hear that pope Benedict will retire will quit his post as pope? well Vatican, I am available hahaha just hire me as a pope. hmm am sitting drinking my favorite coffee smoking so quiet in here, you can hear no sounds excepts
the birds chirping, I love birds it's not chirping for me it's singing well I am feeding them maybe as a sign of hmm how about barter? saying thank you they are chirping that makes me calm and stayed grounded.
that best thing that money can't buy. I hope countries will stop using money, how about barter? hehehe or exchange goods for goods imagine will going to buy iPhone and well use or trade seeds for iPhone? isn't it cool?
ok here's todays link star refuelling at the sun?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

there's no justice everywhere? is it for real?

hi doing nothing just browsing then I came into this site these people are talking about the existence of aliens and they came into conclusion that the alien are real? but the weirdest thing is ...... these people you won't believe that these kind of people will talk and do believe that aliens now exist?
find out.
just by clicking the link above.


there are rumors that the pope will resign in April? why? I can't
the answer to that question, think we need to
wait, until he says so.
if he quits, what will happen
to the prophecy of St Malachite? (is the spelling correct?)
someday time will
come when there will ne no fear
that we can right everything and anything without getting scared
and be threaten with law


getting weird my psychic abilities are getting stronger even my intuition and I don't know why. sometime a thought will enter into my mind then that thought will come into fruitition within two days.
much weird - I am seing them again. men in white (deceased?) in the corner of my eye then will banished within seconds it is starting to freak me.


there are talks gossips out there in the net, did someone said Jesus doesn't exist? that Jesus was created by those aliens?
the answer
Jesus is real
I've seen him, he blessed me
Mama Mary is real when I was depressed she visited
and conforted me....

I am not willing to dvulhe bout that part
of my life
my experience with my saviour and the Mother.
comments suggesstions criticisms are all welcome send them in.
intensity 6.8 hits japan earlier this afternoon tWas strong hope everybody is ok

he truth believe it or not I do

hi I've been reading this link and it surprises me. I think necronomicon is or should I say originated from Iran? atleast the old Iran? I am asking a question I am not saying that they are. this link written by David icke you'll learn something but don't read it using your iPhone use your computer or laptop it's very lengthy it's all about annunakis mars reptillians classification of reptiles
much more also learn what is shape shifting what is the fourth dimension and why the annunakis or reptillians needs this
just click the link above link

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cyndi lauper oh my I'm dead

hi oh my gosh I can't believe it Cyndi alauper
live in Manila on March 17, too bad I can't watch it ya know financial problem. tickets are quite. expensive, after all she's Cyndi Lauper the only femAle who owns the record
top 4 songs in one album and all of it ranked high on top ten songs number one.
gosh hello cheapest ticket is $20 expensive ones cost $115 cool I can't afford it hello anyone who wants to give me a free Cyndi lauper concert
tickets on the Phils?
cmon don't be shy hahahha. I love Cyndi lauper I live her voice. she's got the talent the voice and quite beautiful and also Madonna. hey pilipinos out there don't forget
to watch Cyndi lauper live in the Phils a once in a lifetime event too bad can't watch it. hey you out there from Luther countries if you like you can watch her live in the Philippines. I love her poster wearing a short hair and like Madonna her hair is weird, she used a brush tWas combed hahaha.
so got to go folks see yah later.
and don't forget psychicramta loves you all. hi to my Indian friends
geez now playing money changes everything by Cyndi lauper live juhuhuhu I wanna watch her concert.
comments suggestions criticisms are accepted
flood them in pls.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

but my blood is pure isn't it? it's not my fault don't judge me pls

hhi wazzup? still the same reading it's my fav hobby. the weirdest thing is I'm using my iPhone browsing the net I wanna read something that is out of this world true story scary and bizaare
the link will tell you something it's weird it's a bloodlines spanding generations and generations. I was impressed. it's like somebody is creating something before it came info fruitition
it's like it was well planned. oh you won't understand what I am saying so if you wanna read and be entertain might as well go click the links
the reason why I put this link is for entertainment purposes oh hey I didn't create or wrote that articles hahaha so don't blame me.
I'm craving for a soda.
I want one now hahahha
ok got to go. and thanks to all of you for visiting my site reading something
hey my article about our Senator Miriam Santiago was one of the well read
well love articles. well I admired her she's
my idol. that's why I always voted for her. she is something she's great.
ok ok I know am I boring you? hahaha got to go so take care guys
- all about banks foreclosing selling churches



a l s o. w o r k. a t. h o m e

reading here and there


Friday, March 9, 2012

work at home apply now

hi busy lately reading too many articles. my gave is it's a refreshing one. it's like a comixx hahahha just go and click the link
I've read somewhere that there are many resignations happening these last few days hey I need a job vibe me one hahahhaha
do you need a job? work at home? well 2000 jobs are waiting for you just go to don't forget to register my friends. after registering search the jobs and apply. after applying just wait they will send you an email just follow that instructions.
also click and read this link

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tweet your way to a GalaxyTab7Plus with #SamsungMobileExchange. Just RT @PHSamsungMobile to get your points!

Tweet your way to a GalaxyTab7Plus with #SamsungMobileExchange. Just RT @PHSamsungMobile to get your points!

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theyve found the giants, and they are cannivals, flesh eaters whoaaaaa scared? hahahaha copy paste

found this site weird

also, most important

what the fuck, moon is a spaceship?

also, choose your weapon

regular soda or diet soda?

Tweet your way to a GalaxyTab7Plus with #SamsungMobileExchange. Just RT @PHSamsungMobile to get your points!

Monday, March 5, 2012

peaceful and congrats

hi I would like to congratulate the people of Russia and to the President aputin for his reelection.
march 7 the unveiling of ipad 3? hmm don't care I cnat afford it hahhahaa I loved their iPhones.
hmm the problems of the world and maybe NASA

- elenin 2012
- the thing asteroid (?) on feb 2013
- in the faraway (very) nearby 2036 or 2040?

ok begin choose one and create your own end of the scenario hahhahaha and don't forget to send me a copy I'll put it in here.

instead of scaring yourself
stop thinking about it if it comes so let it be remember we are the
creator of our destiny if you are bad and you don't change your way of living then blame no one but you that's your destiny and tWas created by nobody but you. well well but there is still time to change . in inviting you now.

I'm sad our of five kittens two left. ants ate my three kittens but I already put salt ants hates salt.

by the way France the latest country thank you fir dropping by and tell your friends about my site.

got to go guys I'm going to cook our dinner and it's pasta with lots of pork. by the way if you are going to eat pork, pork lovers out there I'm warning you do not eat the fats I know it taste great bur it can cause heart problems just like what had happen to my neighbors. suffered heart attack/heart problems. eat the meat and eat
less more on veggies and fruits
and some
fish and beef. remember health is wealth.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

this is the day

hi what's up? I hate the weather basically at this time it's cold in here. most of the times I'm using a sheet to cover my body but now I woke up sweating. most of the rime it's so bot in here.
a few nights ago I woke up because of a loud knock on my door it's two am in the morning I thought it's emergency or something I didn't open the door was waiting for a second knock
but only silence there is not even a single light in the kitchen and the weirdest part is when I woke up the light in my room is turn on I didn't sleep with the lghts on. then I remembered it could be my cousin who died a few weeks ago.
fulfords post is very entertaining www. and am just wondering why is that many people are mad at David wilcox? hmm I must keep my mouth shut hahhahaa I don't wanna be in trouble I'd to say something but I've decided not to I'd rather keep my m outh shout.
anyways comments suggesstions are welcomee.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

brotherhood in India

wow k
was amazed I read 40 million Indians acts as one they are protesting imagine forty million Indians what a number. it's a peoples revolution. my only wish is to settle their problems in a peaceful way. I am not going to say anything all
I can say is just to click the link

copy paste the link. read it.

also the latest bowt Benjamin fulford


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