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susan wong pls listen to this. my father's album hes one of the musician in this album

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


hello what's up guys? night time folks in Asia it's dinner time in my house at exactly 9 pm I'm in my room it's vey boring I've a tv but no cable. and DVD and a cpmputerbut still I think it's not enough it's boring I can't get out of my room coz where am I going to? my friends? who are all drunkards and also they have their own problems to solve. and their house so small.
I'm tired of going to the court watching basketball game for what? it will
only makes me tired. so I'm watching DVD again and again hahaha or sometimes my friends will lend me one.
here in our village so corny. people here thinks they are something that they are big when in fact we
all nothing. I've some new paranormal books to read but I don't fill
reading those books. most of the time I'll buy books then I'll just put them on my bookshelf and forgot them hehehhe. does it have something to do with me being a Sagittarius? always planning completed
nothing hahaha that's Sagittarius.
and my cousin died yesterdaybecause
of leukemia. he died
int the us. got
go. goodnight and sweet dreams.
leukemia in u

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

welcome newbies

hi guys oh my gosh can't believe it well well there are new visitors
in this site. countries who visited
my site yesterday and I would like to thank you hope you'll like my bloc and I would like to invite you to be a regular visitor of
my site, again thank you guys.
well well what's next? it's so hot in here in Asia I can't stand the heat.
even my pets. think I'll bring my
dog to the pet parlor to take a bath
and some
groomings and nail polish. hey I am now a grandfather hahahha yeah it's true. why? my daughter just gave birth. 3 kittens hahahaha and you think I have a daughter? that's my pet
my Dave feline cat just gave birth. did I scare you hahahhaha.
well time to go.
tale care. my other site is now ok and running pls visit

Monday, February 27, 2012

comments and its my problem

my blog - is now running........... again go and watch my blog.

yellow how are you? in 2009 or 2010 im doing nothing then i decided to get this email me wherein you guys will fill up a form with your name and email bla bla
then i forgot all about it. then i deleted my browsng history in google. fine. got it no problem. then i accidentally press the button and voila there are more than 800 email ads and names in that google form which i completely forgotten about hahahaha guys im sorry im not snobbing you.but back then i dont have a computer im just using netcafe, you go surf the net you pay and you go,

now i dont know what to do with that email addresses, how to use that form? keep on laughing my tummy is aching. i thought, that if someone will fill up then gogle will send it direct on my email address. ill find an application that will allow you to emaail me direct and pref with auto responder.


unconfirmed. is it true that swine flu is going pandemic again?oh GOD please dont. my favorite forum you go to this forum, a very entertaining one

but im having a hardtime using that site. sometimes they ban people or ip address. just try and youll be entertain. very amuzing one.

add me up

iampsychicramta on twitter on facebook

well guys its time to go. take care.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

this makes me crazy..........

doing nothing on my iphone, just playing around with google search then i saw this site, oh my god, i read it and i was shock, the articles do appears in some sites, so there must be something about this site. an answer to my question? featuring too many articles, debunking? i want you guys to go and read, go with an open mind.

dont believe in all the things that i posted here, make your observation, investigation do some researching. the reason why i put it, those posts. are for entertainment purposes only and im not confirming the existance of that said posted. i do believe in those posted, some or all of it, do some investigations research. you can do that by using google search.

then at the bottom i found this article about shafe shifting eye something, so go to that site or click the link and click the first two or three videos.

then email me your opinions, and ill post it in here. religion, that bothers me a lot. so te religion is...... created by............ because.............,

heres the link.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=5758ea0f5b084682&biw=1009&bih=439

Friday, February 24, 2012

hi. want you to read that link, its quie extra ordinary. hey here we go again hahahha. stop. the second link makes my head ache.
so the secrets of the universe of the world of the earth is now available for us to devour? if you are going to click the link, dont just believe in it, make some investigations. i am including this links but i am not saying  that i am a believer. lets just say the link is quite funny, and i wanna laugh. go click the link, investigate, share and have some fun.
its so hot nowadays. few years ago, same time, its cold, very very cld but now its hot. i cant stand this kind of weather anymore.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

bored doing nothing

hi guys lying in bed it's almost ten in the evening, am using my iPhone right now. too early for me to sleep.
thinking nothing except that Benjamin fulford thing, did you visit his site? it's read his posts, you'll learn something new and weird.
it's hot in here these past few days until Sunday.
by the way you can buy a space/make/create an ad in my sites, for business or personal and I will include your ad in my radionet show. also if you'll say ilove you to your girl or boy to be romantic make an af and I'll put your dedications in my show for a nominal fee. also try giving him/her my scent my perfume go to

and buy one. so any comments criticisms reactions are welcome.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

oh so for you it's a lovely day?

hi guys. quite busy trying to find a job but I can't find one, because of my age here in the Philippines if you reach the age of 30 it will be hard for you to find a job especially if you didn't finish your college education.
in America you can find work even if you are 55 years old just tell them what you. an and cannot do, so it's office procedures.
if no one is backing you up. no experience. college undergraduate. of you don't know nothing about. omputers, programming or any programs, chances are not in your side.
my sister a cleve graduate, she finished psychology I tell you big companies are tryingto recruit her back then, they are offering her a $1,200 a month salary but my sister said no because she's taking nursing at that time. she finished nursing and psychology. two courses. oming from good reputable schools.
one of the malls here. is eyeing her, to go to china to work as a top officials in their malls in china but my mother said no. again they wanted my sister to work in one of their provincial branches it's too far from us so she turned it down.
today she's earning almost $800 a month. her co workers in duty free phils are now earning some $1744 a month. she's still young ba k then after five years in duty without promotion ( well one of the managers wanted to promote my sister nut my sisters manager said no, she was envy of the opportunity and she doesn't want my sister to ne promoted she's eyeing one)
so education is very important all of you my advice is to finish your education find decent work or if you can after your first course, go and take a second course in that way you will find work or work wl
knock at your door. my sister doesn't have a hard tome applying even though she's almost 38 years old because of her education background.
everybody needs to work and if you find one love it respect it and you will be rewarded.


ash Wednesday yesterday went to the church oh yes they put that mark ( mark of the beast ( in Vatican? hahahahaha) they put ash on my forehead in some parts of the world it's still ash Wednesday today so Catholics do your duty. have a nica day gosh it's Thursday why is that days are so fast these days?
I've an article but I can't post it in here till I need more info's so go

you will be able to learn something "new"

Monday, February 20, 2012

eleventh, is it evil? in numerology..................

time;s so fast, its feb 20, well well im having fun, using my plum mobile. its fast and its a great phone, you should try this my friends,
i think i would like to sing evita for whitney houston hahaha. if i am going to die i want evita;s songs to be play on my wake.
where are we going to go after we die? hmm wait thats not my topic for today.

is it true that whitney houson's death is full of mystery? ive read the ink and it scares me, i read from that they dont want your soul, all they want is to put something in your song and thats it, theyll pay you, glorify you, and they dont care about your religion after all.well well im not into that its just that this link is quite something, i do believe that 'if you arent pestering them, then they wont pester you' its like get out of my way thing.

again i would like to thank all of you, my visitors, hey you liked my post about our senator Miriam D, Santiago? she's great she is something, i idolize and respected her that much. she loves us, filipino people, she's with us. shes bright very intelligent one. she's working creating laws for us filipinos. anyways heres the link about whitney houston. copy paste or click...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

coward. yes thats what you are. deny it? well.......................

hi guys, for a limited time only im back.
the best book in the world is the Bible or Holy Bible, as they say it will teach us how to leave a prosperous and positive life. i dont have any problems aabout that. how about you?
ther are mysteries everywhere. unsolved mysteries, waiting for someone to decode that mystery.

the world is divided into two, positive and the negative. white and black, but there are some people who created a new addition to it, gray. color we have white, black ang gray.

white - purity, clean, from GOD within positivity
black - of negative, from that ancient serpent, satan. all kind of negativity
gray - gray is (for me) man made, strikes back, revenge. its like you will not hurt someone if that someone doesnt hurt or harm you.

what i am talking about is, the Holy Bible exist no problem about that. but didnt you know, satan has his own devil's book? find out. copy paste. dare if you canst...........

presenting satan's book/devil's bible

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ok i admitm only and only if...............

hi guys, wazzup? im having a hard time using iphone, the problem is my net provider, so slow so im having ahard time posting using my iphone,
so im using plummobile velocity, its great its fast its android, dual sim, dual cam, tv, radio and etc, that phone is great, its fully pack,  full of features, easy to use, what can you ask for? using this mobile is a breeze, so easy so guys if you need a phone go to
and ive a news for you, rothschild losed a case copy paste and read

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ok fine I'm sorry I lost

hi hello guys and gals. what's up? I've learned that this country wants to block some blogsites. for reason that I don't know. hope my blog is not included. what's your problem? if people loves going to that blogsites, what I'd it up to you? trying to be a gustgian of morality? what? don't give me that bullshit idea. anyways let's wait and see. it bothers me a lot.
people loved me in that country. even aliens lovese hahaha.
quite busy thinking of new business and since I love to cook how about a mini
now I need capitals $400 is enough I have a place so I need to buy some cookwares and dome groceries.hope that click.

Monday, February 13, 2012

so what? i didnt do it after all. twas you..........

hi. i just wanna greet everybody, a happy valentines day.
i dont have a partner.................................yet
i do
now accepts applications, pls include a $100 fees jajajaja joke. okey go on have fun. see ya later aligators.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

hi. sad condolence to the world, Whitney houston died yesterday.
surely we will miss her, her songs, (451 awards that's something she's great)I read it yesterday in yahoo and I was shocked she's young 48 years old
the diva left us, the queen went to her final resting place what a loss to the music industry. goodbye and thank you, Whitney Houston the diva the queen it's time for you to sing sing a song facing our Creator, and thank you, you are an inspiration to us all.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

lovely day

hello am on a wifi zone jajaja so it's free am using my iPhone. and it's xo cool problem is I can't upload a photo wanna share my dog's latest picture. so got in here. hey did you hear that Danube is freezing? it is. and it's in Europe. global warming is starting?

I've found today that ny plum mobile. it has photo flas
features that is only available on smartphones. it's android 2.2 so I can't download some sites
like bliptv. that phone is cool. the sound is great yes I'm telling you it has many features at a lower price. please visit

their feature product now is Profile model I think it's 3g. well
I. hope I could download Icecream sandwhich on my plum.

follow mw on Twitter


also on favebook


take care got to go.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hi guys I'm sorry I'm quite busy these days so late posting and I'm having a financial problem I can't afford to buy Internet loads which costs almost fifty us dollars a month. I'm using my latest phone iPhone. given to me by Andrew my cousins husband. my neighbors wifi are all turned off so I can't connect hahaha that really freaks me. how are you guys? I think I've some problem on my site this site? well google sent me
one but I'm not opening it yet i don't wanna read it using this phone

plum mobile verdict

well well finally my cp a gift from it's fast I'm using it but the screen is quite small or maybe my fingers are too big. sounds? mp3/4 it's great it's stereo. if your going to buy it ask the customer service agent to turn off it's Spanish and change it to English.
I've a good time using plum the tv? well it works well.also the radio
it's cool it's not because plum gave me a phone that's why I'm endorsing it promoting it it isn't the case. but it's a good phone very useful one specially for the ladies teenagers the. ideocam and cam's very good nice photos. so I'm officially endorsing promoting plum. I'd it is available in your country buy one and don't forget to buy memory card . it's a decent phone worth evry cents. or you could order one just go to their site

see you later my friends and sorry but I won't abandoned you my friends hahaha got to go take care

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